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EMA 08 – Funk flex, 2 Chainz, Whitney and More

whitney biopic

Flex was just doing too much over the past week and gave us no choice, but to talk about his rant. 2 Chainz got in Nancy Grace’s ass and we called up a friend from the Slumbeautiful podcast to help us talk about the Whitney biopic on Lifetime. GAF and Yams of the Week are back too. Press play!

Shout Outs


Kwame Katana


Fvtvre Qveen



Alex from Slum Beautiful

Slum Beautiful Podcast

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Music News

Flex vs Jay Z

Wale’s Body Video

Steve Urkel’s girlfriend (Michele Thomas) died of cancer

michelle thomas

2 Chainz and Nancy Grace

Whitney Biopic


Rae Sremmurd tops the charts

Jay’s demo tape

Mariah getting 500K out in Vegas

Usher getting married

Angie Martinez’s replacement (Nessa from KYLD)

ASAP Yams died

Tupac biopic

Drake’s dad coming out with music

Diddy makes Justin a Ciroc boy

Kevin Hart won’t do gay roles


Yams of the Week

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  1. Well, fellas…Its been 3 Great shows for the record books, so far, since the new year. Very Entertaining, as well as, Enlightening…in certain aspects. LOL. GAF Rules!

  2. JBoss “Flex bombed” ALL my Bizness. WOW. SMH. I DEFINITELY better get my Tshirt after all dat. Shoo!