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5 Things You Need To Know About Flex vs Jay Z


Let’s play Fact vs Opinion with the whole Flex vs Jigga beef about apps (haha @ apps… that sounds so stupid):


FACT: At the time of this writing, Flex’s app on the Google Play store has been downloaded over 100K times, has a 4.5-star review from over 1500 people and has been recommended over 2K times on Google+. OPINION: So the fuck what. NO one cares about flex’s app. If the life and times folks wanted to pick the brain of someone to get an app idea, they have a MILLION other resources. I don’t think Flex is the gatekeeper to the well-made-app market. Matter of fact, ask a friend if they use that app and get back to me.


FACT: Dipset is reuniting. OPINION: I fux with Cam and the rest of Dipset, but their new Victory freestyle is a Hov diss. Did I miss something? Why are they still going at Jay? And why is it conveniently synced up with this Flex rant? Double-u tee eff? Here’s the freestyle, btw (can’t front, it’s type hot though)




FACT: After Rant #1, Flex Luger claimed that Jay sent a text that read “It’s HOV” after calling him repeatedly from a private number, to which he says “Don’t talk to me funny in the text, bruh. I don’t work for you” and “Don’t you ever capitalize your name in my phone no more, bro”. Here’s the pic he posted to IG:

 OPINION: What? J’mon Flex. Be honest about what’s REALLY bothering you. It’s not that he’s capitalizing letters in a text. It’s not that you got your app idea bit. You know what I think it is? See the next fact:  


FACT: In the fall of 2014, Angie Martinez and DJ Camilo were BOTH signed to Jay Z’s Rocnation imprint.   OPINION: THIS is what I think Flex is salty about. He thought that after all the dick riding he did, Rocnation would come calling after they scooped up Angie. Wrong Flex. You suck. smh…  


FACT: Flex is 47 years old   OPINION: If this whole thing was a joke, I’d get it. However, it’s not a joke. A 47 year old man decided to take to a microphone to air out his grievances with another man, while pressing a button that makes a bomb noise (over 100 times, btw). A 47 year old man is upset that someone texted him in caps. A 47 year old man that works for a corporation is claiming to get on the radio every day and “go at him” if he (Jay) decides to make any diss records. While I don’t see a diss record as a possibility, I wouldn’t be surprised at a line or two from Jay in the distant future. Maybe in a feature.  


FACT: Flex claims Jay hasn’t publicly acknowledged Cole’s recent success of selling over 300K (best hip hop debut in 2014) records in his first week late last year.   OPINION: This shit is the ONLY thing Fake master flex said that I agree with. Why in the shit hasn’t Jay congratulated Cole on his HUGE move? Is he trying to keep his artist humble by not publicly giving him props? NO, I don’t think so because he publicly congratulated Cole for his Sideline Story success. Has he taken some sort of hiatus from the public? NO, because he just shouted Common and Legend on their Golden Globe success:    

So I don’t get why Jay didn’t show Cole love for that.

Anyway, to wrap up, I’d like to repeat that Flex is a cornball and is mad annoying. I bet the Breakfast Club will have a field day with this when the time comes. Hannibal Buress has already started. Listen to this hilarious shit:


Here’s Rant 1 (skip to 10:20):


Here’s Rant 2


UPDATE: We talked about this foolishness on our talk show, Click Here to listen.

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  1. FACT: Flex is trying to stay relevant and is over hyping this story to do so. I would text in CAPS too if I had called someone many times.

    Flex is like the older employee in the office who is scared they are going to get fired bc they see their role at the company becoming smaller and smaller

    1. He IS the old guy starting to feel useless. And you know what the difference is between flex and other employees in that situation? Flex has a microphone.

  2. YO… THat Hannibal Burgess Shit is madd funny! The bong tho! LMAO

    I think Jay-Z didn’t shout Cole out because he’s sick of Cole giving him back handed compliments

  3. Fact! Flex sounds like a fool going at Hov. But i do agree that Hov needs to shoe more public love to J. Cole…my dude album was fiiire!!!