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20 InstaYam Accounts You Should Be Following

Update: A lot of accounts have changed/been deleted since Big Therm first posted this (2015!). Our apologies, but we’ll still keep this original list posted just for nostalgic purposes. If you see crossed out links, don’t click them because you’ll be upset. 

If you’re here, that means you appreciate the #yams like we do.

Big Therm (who loves his wife) created this list so that you didn’t have to do the research yourself, but instead just sit back, relax and enjoy the yams of our labor.


Yams – The rear end of a woman.

InstaYams – The rear end of a woman you find on Instagram.


How to use this list:

Click on the name to see the profile.
Click on the pic to see it on their profile.
Click on the social buttons to spread the yams.

This is only the beginning. Enjoy.




She says she’s a London model who is all about health and fitness. Her Yam profile is around a 7.9. She wears a little extra makeup and does that waist training shit that gives her a small waist, but sometimes looks weird and unnatural. A lot of her commenters accuse her of photoshopping her shit. She takes some good pics (I guess because she’s a model?) and shoots some video every now and then, but it’s usually non speaking selfie videos.


Aaleeyah Petty


I actually found out about this girl through @lemybeauty. She gave her a shout one day. (see what I mean by sharing creates abundance?) Her pics are cool and she actually seems down to earth. Yam profile looking like a solid 8.35. She gets a boost because she seems to have some personality. She’s real active on twitter (update: not anymore) too. She doesn’t have a description, but it looks like she’s into health and fashion like most girls say they are.


Aylen A


I’d be a bit surprised if you didn’t know who this is. She has over a million followers. Same shit here again with the health and fitness. She promotes products as well. Good looking pics and some workout videos now and then. Yam profile is an 8.1.


The Mermaid


This girl is thick af. She’s on the list reppin for the ladies with some extra tint in their skin. She says she’s a wife and a mermaid. Not sure how that works out for her, but whatever. The cheeks are real. Follow her and she’ll bless you with roughly 90% Yamshots. Which is what it’s all about right? She doesn’t do much video, so don’t expect that unless she switches up the strategy. Yam profile 8.6.




This girl posts hip hop quotes every now and then which is good money in my book. She’s on her health and fitness shit too and she appears to be down to earth. She’s another one that takes some really good pics. I THINK she’s a new yorker…not sure, but that helps with her Yam profile. She’s not just cheeks. Her fits are fly, she posts a meme every now and then (I love memes) and drops in an inspirational quote or two. Good shit. Yam profile 8.1.




Yup, that’s her IG name. AND it’s true. Her tongue is long as fuck. See it here. So ummm….if you haven’t heard of Kakey or her tongue, thank the yamgods that you do now. No health and fitness shit here. She’s tatted like crazy, she’s an effing freak, travels, does the obligatory “pic with other chick in lesbian pose” every now and then and loves being single (or appears to love it). This list is about Yams and hers are on point. Yam profile – 9.1. Her meme repost game is good bread too.


Shelley Golden


So this girl is semi-famous so you might have heard of her, but I doubt it. More importantly though, her yams are IG famous. That’s how you get on this list. Anyway, you know that pic that every “model” takes in their underwear in front of the stove pretending to cook? Well Shelley has a really nice one (see above). Her pics aren’t all that, and she doesn’t come across as interesting. Seems kinda into herself actually (not knocking her, just my observation). However, she does do one thing VERY right…yamshots. Her Yam profile is 8.7 cause quite honestly, the yams are exquisite.




So here we have some yoga yams. YoYams maybe? Prolly not…but whatever. Chelsea Renee is another entry on this list that loves fitness. In particular, yoga. She goes the extra mile by posting videos of herself performing different stretches, handstands and strength exercises. I get the vibe that she isn’t all about the yams, but she knows they’re there. Her Yam profile is nothing less than an 8.5.


Taylor Hing


This girl claims she’s Chinese and Guyanese… I really shouldn’t have to say more after that, but I will. I think she might be a video “model”, but I’m not sure. Her profile says you can book her…for what, I don’t know. She doesn’t necessarily have her pics focus on the yams, you just get yamshots in the majority of the pics. With captions that offer no substance whatsoever (i.e. “back at it” and “last night though”) , it’s clear what this girl brings to the Instyams table. Yam profile is 8.4 so make sure you follow and tell her EMA sent you playboi.


10 TheRealVina


Look at that pic for a second. Soak it up. Take it in.
That is exactly why this list exists. To bring ya’ll that shiz right there. I’m gonna give the Yam profile an 8.29. She got the low haircut thing going like Amber, but I don’t think it fits her the same, but whatever. That’s not why we’re here right? Fuck a haircut. Anyway go to her profile if you want to see the remainder of what she’s working with. In particular, this pic, and this one.

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