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The Other 10 InstaYams


Update: A lot of accounts have changed/been deleted since Big Therm first posted this (2015!). Our apologies, but we’ll still keep this original list posted just for nostalgic purposes. If you see crossed out links, don’t click them because you’ll be upset.

This is part 2 of this list. Have you seen part 1?


11 Single,Young&Crazy aka 1fatbooty


Her aka says it all so I don’t have to, but j’mon now. You know I will. She’s a weed smokin’, waist training, thirst trappin’ ass chick. Go follow her before her account gets hacked. She’s right around that number right now. Anyway, these some ignorant yams right here ’cause they just don’t make no sense. Go follow her. Yam profile is a 8.8.


12 Morgan Hultgren


In the under 100K group here’s Morgan. Before you continue reading. Watch this video. Seriously…watch the video. OK. She isn’t like most on this list where she has large yams, but instead she has NICE yams. Not perfection, but damn close. I have nothing much to say except if you haven’t, go watch the damn video. 8.59 yam profile.


13 Crisana”\ariyah


Crisana doesn’t always take yamshots, but when she does, they’re nice shots. And for that, she’s made the list. Yam profile is 8.1. She has a great outlook on life and a pretty face (at least with make up on). Can’t go wrong with that right? Go follow her and shout EMA when you do.


14 Kendra LaChon



Kendra is another one who doesn’t take many yamshots. She goes quality over quantity. Can’t be mad at her because the yams is on point. I guess she’s a magazine model (if that’s a thing). She’s prolly been in a few you’ve heard of. But who reads magazines, I just get my updates from my favorite hip hop radio show ;-). Anyway, peep the photo gallery on her site for a few more yamshots and tell her EMA sent you.


15 & 16 Double Dose Twins


So this entry is gonna count as two. Even though they’re twins, they stand out on their own as individual yams. They stay with the 2-for-1 sale on yams though. They don’t shout that fitness shit much, but one of them posted a vid in the gym the other day (it’s been removed since). If you do absolutely nothing else with this list, go watch that video. Yam profile is 8.98. That’s high as fuck for this list so make sure you go follow and tell them they scored high on the InstaYams list from EMA.


17 Maryana Kiss Official


Let’s stay in Miami. Maryana is another waist trainer. Looks like she might be coo-ba-na too…I’m not sure. But all that aside, the yams are ripe. She’s into family, her dogs and kids…blah blah blah. The Yam profile is 8.9. I could keep writing to explain, but I think I can show you better than I can tell you. Peep this, this and this.


18 Get Yaz


Here’s a sleeper for ya’ll. At the time of this writing, she only has 247 followers. Once enough people catch on, she’ll get IG famous then she’ll get hacked. It seems to be the cycle these yams go through. Anyway, her catalog isn’t extensive yet, but no worries, just start following and you’re good. You know what to tell her when you get there. Yam profile is an 8.2.


19 Margarita


She seems to like to mix up the yams with family shots and quote shots when in all actuality, the only shots that count are yamshots. I’ll give her that, she does her yamshots well. Yam profile is a 8.51. I’m being a bit stingy with the points ’cause she always look mad. Like how you expect folk to enjoy the yams when you lookin’ upset? Matta fact, 8.4.


20 The OriginalSIREN


Hate to end the list with such a high profile joint (almost 100K followers), but I felt compelled to share these yams. She is a “PUBLISHED MODEL/HOSTESS/ DANCER/”. She links to a youtube video (NSFW) in her profile (skip to the 2:00 mark if you know what’s good for you). She has a nose ring, some well placed tats, and more yams than she know what to do with. Go follow her and tell her she got a 8.81 on the InstaYams list you found on EMAradio.com. Matta fact, on some real shit, if you peep that video (hurry up before that shit get deleted), do that thing where people say “I’m here because of emaradio”. That would be dope. You know what? If you do it, I’ll shout you on the show. Good looks.


Well, there it is.

There’s more to come in the future.

And remember when you’re floating around on IG, tag me (ema_therm) when you come across some yams. And who knows, your submission might make the list. Don’t forget to tag EMA on IG when you let the ladies know how you heard of them.