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Your Ultimate Guide to Money & Violence – Season 2 Episode 3 (scene by scene breakdown)


Do NOT read any further if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

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Preface: I’m a HUGE fan of this show. I have NO affiliation with the creator, actors, crew…nothing. Just a fan documenting what’s going on in the episodes. I originally planned to do this as a podcast, but I couldn’t break it down the way I wanted to in the podcast. However, if the demand is there for me to continue doing shows, I will.

Preface 2: Click on the red names if you’d like to view that character’s Instagram profile.

1 – Miz back in the day – This is another flashback scene just like Rafe’s from episode 2. It’s Miz when he was just a lil nicka. He asked his mother if he could eat his cereal in the hallway. When he was chillin’ on the steps, a dude running from the cops asked him to hold his work under his shirt. The cops question Little Miz about the dude running through the building. Miz says he didn’t see anything. When it was all said and done, the drug dealer gave him $20 for not snitching on him.

2 – Tai and Ronaldo in the Laundromat –  So remember how last episode finished? It was with Ronaldo and Tai in the laundromat. This scene picks up that story line. Ronaldo corners Tai and puts the burner to his dome. He threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him about the robbery (this robbery). Tai honestly didn’t know Ronaldo got robbed and by whom, but after doing some thinking, he realizes Shane has something to do with it. After some back and forth between the two, Tai snitches on Shane…again. It’s important to note that in the scene RIGHT before this, the drug dealer says “there’s grown men that wouldn’t do what you just did” to Little Miz after he didn’t snitch to the cops. Only to be followed up with this scene. One where a grown ass man is signing like a fuckin’ canary.

Ronaldo and Tai


3 – Miz at one of his workers’ house – Miz meets up with one of his workers and has to school him on how to NOT stand out in a crowd. He’s about to go O-T (out of town) to move some work. Miz doesn’t like the way he’s dressed. He recommends he wears some more toned down clothing. Tells him to save the fly shit for after he gets back to NY. I liked when he told him to treat this shit like a job. “wear your uniform, clock in, do your work”. Before he leaves, Miz tells him to call him when he gets there.

4 – Chyna in the nail salon talking to Cash on the phone – She tells him that she needs to see him tonight because she has something important to tell him. He shifts his schedule to chill with her later on.

5 – Miz goes to Capone’s crib – Miz goes to pick up some work from the connect. If you’re not familiar with drug lingo, this scene might leave you confused so lemme break it down for you… When Capone tells Miz the cocaine is in the bag, he asks him “do you wanna do something here”? Then Miz says “I don’t have anything to chef it”. Translation: Capone is asking “do you want to cook the cocaine (turn it into crack) here at my house before you leave?” to which Miz says “I don’t have the things I need to cook it up”. After that, Capone says “i know how much you hate shake, so it’s just two solid”. Miz replies “all this is for the nose? dudes aint tryna hear it. And even sometimes then, they feel like it’s been stepped on”.  Translation: Capone says “I know you don’t like soft powdery cocaine, so instead, I got you the coke that’s solid like a brick”. Miz says: “this is cocaine that’s meant to be snorted? My folks won’t be happy about that. And furthermore, they’re going to think it’s cut with something else”. After that, Capone says “it might be in your best interest to look into a compressor then, rewrap that shit yourself”. Translation: “Get the tool, called a compressor, that will allow you to cut the current bricks of cocaine with some other chemical and then recompress it back into brick form. This way, people will think the cocaine is still raw”. Now they move to discussing money. Miz says “you never gave me a number” and Capone replies, “30”. Translation: Miz said “you never told me how much this was gonna cost me”. Capone said “it’s gonna cost you $30,000”. Capone ends their chat by telling Miz that what they have can only be as strong as their integrity. After Miz leaves, Victor comes out the back room and tells Capone he’s not impressed with Miz…aka Capone’s “new blood”.

6 – Black aka Marky apparently and his girl Ashley – Ashley is upset about her brother Jerry getting killed. Note: Black is responsible for Jerry’s death. He set Jerry’s crew up by telling Rafe to rob him (see the set up here). When Rafe, Miz, Shane and Kane attempted the robbery, Jerry got shot by Kane (see that here). Black is now pretending to be remorseful with Ashley. For the record, Black is grimey as fuck. Anyway, Ashley seems to be questioning Black’s responsibility in the matter.

Black and Ashley

7 – Miz goes to see the Chef – So it looks like Miz doesn’t cook his own shit. He takes it to a guy (who I’m dubbing “The Chef” until I find out his name) to get it done. Miz is excited to show The Chef what he got from his connect. Ok, there’s some more drug talk here so lemme help you out… Miz gives The Chef one of the bricks of cocaine and asks him to cook it because he’s trying to confirm how good the cocaine is. The Chef asks “so you want me to bake the whole bird”? and Miz says “hell no, just do a zip”. Translation: The Chef asked Miz “do you want me to turn this whole brick of coke into crack”? And Miz said “no. just turn an ounce of it into crack”. After that, The Chef asks “you want me to drop it down to the oil or you want me to whip it”? And Miz says “you know I want those extras”. Translation: The Chef is asking do you want me to cook straight-drop crack (where the potency is higher, but amount is less) or do you want me to cook it in a way where the potency is less, but the amount is more”? Miz replies “cook it where the potency is less, but the amount is more because I like extra product”. So The Chef heads to the kitchen to get to work. When he comes back, he’s stupid excited. He can’t wait to tell Miz what the quality of the work was. He says “Yo, when that cold water hit it. Solid as a rock. That 28 easily came back to 36”. Miz asks him “how much soda did you add”? and The Chef says “like 9 grizzies…it held almost all of that”. Here’s the translation: The Chef was excited to tell Miz that when he put what he cooked up in cold water, it hardened very quickly. He also said that instead of 28 grams (how much crack you can expect from an oz of coke) he was able to make 36 grams. Miz asked ” how much baking soda did you have to use? The Chef says 9 grams. The significance of the 9 grams is that it is a 4:1 ratio. Think of it this way, the less sugar you need to make your kool aid, the better.

Miz tells the Chef to cook up another 222 grams for him and he says he’s going to leave the other bird with him because he doesn’t want to be running around New York with 2 birds on his person. Miz lets him know he’ll call him on his way back.

8 – Kane stressin’, Miz and Rafe, Chyna gettin’ ready – We get a montage of three things: Kane loading up a burner, Miz and Rafe making their way to Cash’s house and Chyna getting ready to go see Cash. Remember she told him earlier she wanted to talk to him about something. This is all set to the new opening theme song (the one a bunch of people been complaining about). 

We see Rafe bang Cash with the gun. Then we see him and Miz leaving the scene. They FINALLY got this dude. You know how LONG ago they set this shit up with Chyna? You don’t? Oh, OK, well click here for the scene from episode freegin’ ONE!

Then we see Mister tapping some kid’s pockets. Kane sees this happening from across the street and ducks behind some cars again. This time for a different reason. He steps from behind the car, screams “ayo Mister” and lets a few shots off at him. He misses as Mister goes running. What in the fuck!? Is Kane really tryna’ shoot him? Or does he just want to scare him? Or is he just confused? What the fuck…

12 – Shane in the pizza shop with Bars (Uncle M)!!!! – If you listen to our show then you already know how much I FUX with Uncle Murda. I can’t believe he’s in the show now. I’m loving this. So…FIRST thing I notice…Uncle Murda is a better actor than all of them. I’m talking everyone in the whole damn show. I’m very surprised by this. OK, enough with the slurp session. Pause. Let’s get into what’s going on here. Bars is letting Shane (his little brother) know that he should have come to visit him more often. Shane is explaining that he didn’t want to because it hurt to see his big bro behind bars. Lemme just say, this is one of the best things about this damn show. This scene right here is talking to dudes behind bars, dudes with peoples behind bars, brothers with older brothers and vice versa. They do such a good job of detailing the narrative of those in the hood. I love this scene. The key takeaway is to show how Bars still doesn’t give a fuck. He tells Shane he wants to get in on some of his action. This is the way he feels he need to get some money quickly. Shane is like “aren’t you a parole lifer”? Bars clearly doesn’t care, because his answer is “nigga FUCK parole”!



13 – Chyna with Rafe – Rafe meets Chyna outside her building. He drops 60K off to her and lets her know that they couldn’t have robbed Cash if it wasn’t for her. It’s obvious she feels uneasy about it. Rafe also let her know that they had to rough Cash up during the robbery. Chyna goes back in her building looking sad.

14 – Black and Junior in the crib – So Black is in the crib when the doorbell rings. He goes to open it, but gets upset when he looks through the peephole. In true Black fashion, once the door is open he starts frontin’. He starts acting like everything is all good. Junior let’s Black know that they’ll need to speak later on about something that they can’t discuss in front of Ashley (Junior’s girl). The look on Black face shows that he clearly isn’t OK with this “talk” he’ll have with Junior. Black leaves Junior in the crib with Ashley.

15 – Miz in the crib with Rafe – Rafe comes to check Miz. Miz is stupid happy to tell him about the new work he got from Capone. Rafe is happy for him. Miz gives him a brick and tells him it’s his to sell. Rafe asks what’s the number? He’s asking how much does it cost. In other words, how much does Miz owe Capone. Miz tells him “30” (30 thousand). After some back and forth, Rafe tells Miz he needs to hurry up and get the money back to Capone so he can impress him. Rafe then tells Miz not to keep the rest of the work at his house because of the feds. Then he tells Miz he’s feeling better and flashes the gun in his waistline. When about to leave, Rafe tells Miz call him later so he can give him the 30K and he also tells him he’s gonna make some calls (so he can sell the work). Then he asks for something to put the brick in. Miz gives him a paper bag.

A lot just happened in this scene. It makes me curious. I’m curious about the next meeting between Miz and Capone. I’m curious about whether the feds actually WILL run up in the spot and I’m also curious about this wrinkled paper bag Rafe just put the brick in.

16 – Chyna in the crib crying – We’re back in Chyna’s crib. They flash the side shot of the fatty right at the beginning of the scene. But let’s be serious, if you REALLY wanted to peep the fatty, you could just go to this and other pics on her Instagram account. She sits on the bed, takes the money out the bag and throws it. That’s about all we get here.

17 – Phone convos with Rafe, Junior and Gren – Rafe calls Gren. Gren says he already knows why Rafe is calling him. Rafe tells him he can give it to him for 38K which would leave some room for Gren to make some money off of it. Gren says he wasn’t even in the market for anything, but says that his mans from Queens might be looking for something. He says he’s gonna call Rafe right back after he calls his mans in Queens. Well, lo and be fuckin’ hold, Gren’s mans is Junior. Junior takes the call and says to someone sitting right next to him that they can now get their hands on some work and hopefully by tomorrow. Gren calls back Rafe. He says it’s a lock for tomorrow. Rafe says he would come out and make the sale tonight if the work was for Gren, not some “new nigga”.

Note the money: Miz told Rafe the Brick was 30K. Rafe is about to profit 8K by selling it to Gren for 38K. Gren is about to profit 2K for selling it to Junior for 40K. Idk what Junior plans to do with the work at this point.

18 – Ronaldo and Chase in the whip, Ronaldo calls Tai – Back on the street, Ronaldo and Chase are sitting in the whip. Ronaldo tells Chase that they’re going to scoop Tai and go to Shane’s building to see what’s going on. Ronaldo wants to see if he recognizes anyone. Then he says “somebody might die tonight”. Chase seems with the shits. Chase asks if he should drive behind Ronaldo and Ronaldo says no. He wants to stay in one car so they don’t stand out. Chase says he needs to grab something out of his car. While he does that, Ronaldo calls Tai and tells him they’ll be over to pick him up shortly. I wonder what the hell Chase had to get out the whip? A burner? He already told Ronaldo he had it on him already. Interesting… Chase gets back in the whip. They peel off.

19 – Miz meets Madison aka Maddy – Miz comes walking up to the building with Madison standing in front of it. They go upstairs and before they even get in the crib, Madison starts beefing! Loud as fuck, too! I’m like “yo, shut up! This shit couldn’t wait til we got inside!?” Damn… Miz is saying the same shit. Madison is like “yo what’s in the bag”. Miz says money. Just as he’s saying this, two grimey looking dudes come creepin’ up the steps. They hear everything that’s going on. Maddy says there’s guns and money in the apartment… AGAIN…she does this BEFORE they ever get in the damn crib! After they finally get inside, Miz keeps beefing with Madison. Then he takes a call from Shane. He tells Shane they need to meet so he can sell him some work. Then he tells him he’s not going to front him, but instead Shane needs to spend the money and buy the work. His reasoning for not frontin’ the work is because he knows Shane has enough money to buy. They’re gonna meet up later. The whole time this is happening the two dudes creep up to the door and listen outside. They say it’s bullshit that Miz is holding work on their territory and that it’s time for Miz and whoever else to get robbed. This is the shit you have to deal with when you’re in the game. Shit aint sweet out there.


20 – Cash and Chyna in the hospital – Chyna goes to see Cash in the hospital. I’m surprised he’s alive. I thought he was dead. She looks devestated when she seems him. She feels at fault, which she should, but hey…this is what she signed up for. She let her feelings get involved. She clearly has NO idea how many other dudes ended up like Cash at her expense. She apologizes softly to him.

End Scene


Good episode. I’m fucking with all of the storylines except maybe the Cash and Chyna thing. Don’t know why, I’m losing interest in it. I was WAY more in during the 1st season. I guess it’s because it’s now moved from being a set up to a love story. I’m gonna be patient though. I trust Mo (the creator of the show) to write a great story. It’s what he’s best at.

What’s your thoughts on the episode? Any links I missed or references ya’ll need clarified? Lemme know in the comments or hit me on Instagram.


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