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Your Ultimate Guide to Money & Violence – Season 2 Episode 2 (scene by scene breakdown)


Do NOT read any further if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

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Preface: I’m a HUGE fan of this show. I have NO affiliation with the creator, actors, crew…nothing. Just a fan documenting what’s going on in the episodes. This is the first I did. I originally planned to do this as a podcast, but I couldn’t break it down the way I wanted to in the podcast. However, if the demand is there for me to continue doing shows, I will.

Preface 2: Click on the red names if you’d like to view that character’s Instagram profile.


1 – Choppa and Jessica opening scene. So the episode opens right where the last one left off. I like that shit. I’m not too fond of shows that start on a different wave than their previous episode. Anyway, Choppa’s in the whip pledging his love to Jessica. Straight snitchin’ on Rafe “that dude knee deep in the streets” and trying to gain sympathy from Jessica “6 years wit a nigga”? Fuck outta here…man up, playboi. Anyway, Jessica aint tryna’ hear it and gets out the whip.


2 – Old school scene. We get a quick flashback of Rafe’s childhood. It’s his mom dukes screaming at him for looking out the window. Gotta say, I don’t ever remember growing up being told to get away from the window. And I had more than my share of windows to get away from (Brooklyn, Queens AND the Bronx…in that order). Side note: that was the calmest ass whoopin’ I’ve ever seen a crackhead take. He didn’t look phased at ALL! hahaha Did you peep that too? Look at his face:


3 –Rafe and Kane in the whip. So Rafe is out of the hospital. Kane came to scoop him in the rental. During their conversation, Rafe had to remind Kane that it was NOT his fault that he (Rafe) got shot. If you remember, Kane had Rafe’s burner, so when Choppa ran up on him, he was naked. See Rafe give Kane the burner here. I like Rafe not blaming Kane. He took responsiblity for himself. Yet, I think it’s funny how in the same breath, Kane says shooting Mister “wasn’t my fault”. Smh Kane…I know this mentality too well.

4 – Cops looking for Shane/Archie sees Shane. So we get introduced to Archie. He just came home from a ten year bid (that he did with Shane’s brother). He runs into Shane and they catch each other up on things. Archie tells Shane that his brother said he never got one kite from him. He also tells Shane that his brother beat his appeal and should be home soon. Shane doesn’t give a fuck. He thinks that his brother chose to do a bid, but at the same time, he thinks he’s not in danger of getting locked up himself. Peep the business advice in the scene though… Archie says “you need a inside connect” when talking about getting a job after coming home from jail. This is equivalent to “relationships are everything in business”. And it’s the truth, my g.  Anyway, so the cops went to Shane’s building, harassing Joe and Ray while they hung outside. I’m glad they showed this scene. Ray was being an asshole to the cop who asked for his ID just for fucking standing outside. That’s some bullshit. Joe did the smart thing by just cooperating, but I feel Ray because it’s like yo, “I’m just chillin’ right now, why the fuck do I have to give you my ID”? Fuck that. This is the beginning of the end if you ask me. It’s foreshadowing because Shane JUST finished explaining that he’s not going to jail…when clearly, he’s very close to getting snatched off the streets. This scene finishes out with Ray telling Joe that he needs to go to a party that’s gonna be CRAZY tonight. Joe doesn’t make a decision, he’s contemplating. I don’t think Joe should go, but if I was young and on the block, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d be there.

5 – Rafe and Miz finally back together. This is the first these two are on screen together for the season. They use this opportunity to catch each other up things. Rafe, again, breaks down the details to Miz on how he got shot. He tells him that even though he knows who the dude is that shot him, he doesn’t want to tell Miz who he is. He also tells him don’t blame Kane for what happened. Then he reminds him that he was planning to move from his apartment before this happened. He also tells him about how Shane popped up Mister.

Miz’s turn now…

So he tells Rafe about the convo he had with Madison where she told him they were all over the news. Peep that convo from season 1 here. He also tells Rafe they need to keep doing their thing. He doesn’t want to take his foot of the gas. Rafe disagrees. After a little back and forth, they come to an agreement. They decide not to rob legit, tax paying folks. Just stick to the people in their world. Miz also tells Rafe that he needs to come fuck with the white. He tells him he suspects Capone (the connect) is about to bless him with something crazy (see Episode 1). Rafe says, fuck it…he’s in. I’m weary about this decision by Rafe because he’s not sticking to his principles by, as he always says, “staying in his lane”. But I get it. Miz was right. He said if you gonna fall back, why not fall back comfortably. Side Note: How the fuck Miz didn’t mention that he saw Jessica get in the whip with Choppa (end of episode 1).

6 – Laundromat with Ronaldo and Chase – Ronaldo tells his mans, Chase, that he got robbed. He correctly suspects Tai. He didn’t necessarily set him up, but Tai’s the reason why he got robbed. This isn’t anything new. We knew he suspected something back when he talked to Ty in Season 1. Also, if you wanna know this story line, start at Episode 7 of Season 1 when Tai took Shane to meet Ronaldo. In Episode 8, around the 8:45 mark, Shane and Tai were having a conversation. Shane asked “homie sellin’ work out that laundromat”? To which Tai replies “I don’t know”. After this point, it was a fucking wrap because Shane shared this info with Miz later in the episode (12:30 mark) and the plot to rob Ronaldo began. If you wanna see when Rafe first visited the laundromat, see Episode 10. If you wanna see the actual robbery go down, see Episode 23 Part 3 around the 3:40 mark by clicking here . By the time this scene is over, thanks to Chase’s thinking, Ronaldo is questioning his suspicions of Tai. He’s gonna tell Tai to come see him and look him in the eye so he can confirm whether he’s right or not.

shane and joe

7 – Shane and Joe on the skreet – Shane meets up with Joe near the block. Joe tells him that the Ds are still on the block in front of Shane’s building. Shane, for the second time this episode, is questioning why homicide is looking for him. I don’t know why he’s acting like he doesn’t know. It’s because he popped Tai’s (and Shay’s) cousin, Keen. Peep it in Season 1 Episode 21 Part 2 at the 15 minute mark or just click here.  The laws know about it because of Tai’s snitchin ass. Shane questions why Joe is fuckin’ with Ray. Joe says he just ran into him the night before and they had the club lit. The way Joe was talking was confusing me because I thought he was smarter than to be fuckin’ with dudes that be slippin’. Shane asks Joe if he can chill at his crib for a little because he needs to get off these skreets. Joe agrees. I’m not feelin’ this move for Joe, but I fully understand it. As soon as the Ds see Joe with Shane, it’s gonna be obvious that he lied about knowing him. smh…

8 – Chyna (aka New Chyna) and Samone in a Bar – Chyna is telling Samone that she’s conflicted about her choices in men and choices in life. She pretty much says that she’s falling for Cash, but doesn’t know if she’s right for him. Samone is giving very sane advice, but she doesn’t know the type of shit Chyna does (she sets dudes up to get robbed…among other things). That’s why she’s not understanding why Chyna is conflicted. I like the quote that Samone dropped in this scene: “love is an exchange of power”. That’s some real shit…to me anyway.

9 – Leon aka The Zoe God and Cash in the whip – Uncle Murda is playing out of the speakers in this scene. I don’t know what song it is. Put me on if you know the song. I think it’s some exclusive shit he gave them because I never heard of it. Anyway, Cash is confirming, for us, what Chyna already thought. He’s serious about Chyna. Leon thinks Cash is fuckin’ up. He’s appalled that Cash hasn’t beat it yet either. Cash doesn’t seem to care about Leon’s opinion in that regard.

10 – Rafe’s crib – His baby moms (Janey) and daughter (Stormy) shows up. They seem to have a cordial relationship. She stresses that she still cares about him and that they need to talk later when Stormy isn’t around. Stormy was hugging him the whole time. It’s the first time she’s seen him since he got shot.

11 – Capone and Victor in the parking lot – These two meet up to confirm a shipment and they also end up talking about Miz too. Capone is vouching for his “new blood” to Victor. Capone says Miz can absolutely be trusted, but Victor is a little more wary. He repeatedly warns Capone to chill and to not go ALL in on Miz. He reminds him of Marcus James and that whole situation. I’m assuming you want to know who is Marcus James, right? You know I got you playboi. Check it out here.
What’s Cash’s IG username?

12 – Mothafuckin’ Tai! – Shiesty ass Tai is back. This is the first time we’ve seen him since the season started. He gets that call from Ronaldo that I mentioned earlier. Ronaldo tells him to come through to the shop. They agree on 8 o’clock. Ronaldo said “OK, see you at 8 in the morning”.

13 – Back in Rafe’s crib – Stormy asked why Rafe didn’t want her to come to the hospital. Then she starts asking about Rafe’s boy, Dub, who was apparently her Godfather . We saw Dub in the opening scene of the current season. She asks if he was “mean” because she overheard Janey (her mom) on the phone talking about how he died (getting shot during a bank robbery). She was trying to find out if Rafe was mean as well because the two were so close. So she straight up asked him like yo “do you rob banks”? Rafe said he wasn’t going to answer that and said he’d never lie to her. It made me wonder what I would tell my daughter (I have two) if one of them asked me about something like that.

Kane behind car

14 – Sugar Kane in deez skreets – He’s walking…chillin’…and he sees Mister…Mr “respect your jaw” in the flesh…walking down the block! So this confirms, for all those that have been asking…YES Mister is alive and apparently well. Kane decided to duck behind a truck and hide from him. We get a flashback to when Mister got “shot”. Apparently, he didn’t get shot! Kane pulled out and squeezed, but aint hit shit!! SMH!! So now, he’s about to be walking around BK, scared af because, at this point, Kane has let it be known that he’s willing to put a bullet through Mister. All bets are off now.

15 – In the crib with the General and Fresh – I finally get to hear my song again (https://soundcloud.com/chrysace/badmonaintnorunnin-chryst-ft-fetti) (even though it was short as fuck). And it looks like they’ve added the subtitles now. People have been BEGGING for this shit. Me personally, I felt like I was in my own little club because I understand what they say without subtitles (I’m West Indian…Guyana stand up). It’s all good. People need to know what’s going on. Plus I know I be pissed when Spanish people speak in a movie/show and I can’t understand SHIT! So anyway, the General gets an update from Fresh. Then Fresh asks what’s good with the war with Miz. The General, like he always does, gives the most sensible, level-headed advice. He says they need to back away from the situation and chill because they don’t even know who the fuck they dealing with (they don’t know what Miz looks like). Per usual, like a good soldier, Fresh says he’ll follow the General’s lead. Yo, I have my thoughts about the General, but I’ll save them shits to see how much more this thing plays out.

16 – Kane goes to his baby moms crib (Cindy) – She seems to be in a better mood than normal (prolly ’cause Kane gettin’ bread now). He’s confused as fuck with her behavior…as am I. She asked if a female got him stressed. It took NO time at all before they get at each other’s necks. Kane says he just wants to see his daughter. Cindy says she’s sleeping, but she’ll wake her up. Kane says nah and then gives her some sneakers and leaves. As he’s leaving, they have more words. Once he’s out the door, Cindy pauses. I get the vibe that she’s starting to realize that this shit is too much for her. She wants someone to help her raise her daughter. I’m thinking she thinks Kane is her best option because it’s the father of her daughter. While I’m not petty, I wouldn’t want to deal with her psycho ass either. I wouldn’t be able to get over how she behaved when Kane was broke. Remember when we first met her? See here . At the end of this scene, Shane called Kane and asked him to go up and down the block and let him know if he sees any Ds. Kane obliges.


17 – Kane scopes the block – So as Kane walks down the block checking cars out, we see that Gunner is in a whip with one of his mans. He’s parked up waiting to put a hole through Shane. Leon is in the back seat of the car and complaining about not needing to be there…as he’s come to do more of lately. He claims proudly that he’s not built for this. Gunner is itching to see Kane so he can finish what he started last time they crossed paths. Kane finishes his sweep and calls Shane. He assures him that the coast is clear. Shane asks for multiple confirmations from Kane, but after hanging up he tells Joe “nah…I don’t trust it”. Then asks Joe if he can spend the night there to clear his head. Thank goodness he doesn’t bounce. I’m not ready to see Shane get murked. I’m fuckin’ with Shane now. I didn’t so much through most of the first season, but as I saw him more and realized he was just a regular cool dude…I was in his corner. However, I will say his number is up. He has a situation like this with Gunner just hangin’ out there and it’s only a matter of time before they cross paths. It won’t end on a good note.

18 – Final scene – Tai checks Ronaldo – Ronaldo invites him downstairs and locks the laundromat doors behind them as well. I’m like “damn, he bout to body Tai”? But I heavily doubt that because as much as a snake Tai is, the fans FUX with him. Plus, Tai didn’t really know about the robbery. He’s gonna keep it real with Ronaldo and tell him that. Also, I’m banking that they’re going to figure it out together that it was actually Shane that caused this.

Yo, did you enjoy the episode? Any predictions? Thoughts? Holla at me in the comments below.

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Written by Big Therm