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EMA 40 – Uncle Luke Takes Shots, B.Dot Says DJs Need to Step it Up and Beyonce is Stingy With Her Time


Top Shottas Are Back! This week we brought back our good friend Aisha. If you’re an old school EMA fan, you’ll recognize her voice from Show 3. She came through to help us talk about Uncle Luke, DJs and Beyonce (of course). Uncle Luke said the game was different when rappers weren’t out wifing hos (for the record, he was asked a completely different question). We also talked about BDot’s remarks on the Breakfast Club about DJs. He said it’s still the DJ’s responsibility to break new artists. Finally, we talk about Beyonce and her appearance in Vouge magazine. She only did a photo shoot with the magazine, not an accompanying interview. It makes us ask if Beyonce or any other artists owe us anything more than their music.

Of course #GAF and #YOTW are back. Remember, this was Rozay’s last week of handling the Summer Yams. So he wanted to go out with a bang. Tune in to be blessed. #pressPlayLikePuff



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Social Media Shouts

Jazzzzzo – An artist we met at Sound Stage

Sound Stage – The location of the EMA appearance



Uncle Luke’s interview

YN and BDot’s appearance

The New York Times’ piece on Beyonce


#GAF (Give a Fuck)

Weezy brings out Hot Boyz, Currency, Drake and more at Lilweezyana Fest

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Fans camp out to see Rihanna

Black Chyna and Amber Rose new reality show coming out


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

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