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Top 5 Hip Hop Liquor Trends

From Big Therm: Remember them times when you drank a liquor simply because a rapper endorsed it? Of course you do. Anyway, let J-Boss take you back in time today as he hits you with the Top 5 Liquor trends that came outta hip hop.



Nas is the spokesperson.  C’mon son.  It doesn’t get more hip-hop than Nas.




(Incredible Hulk)

Really not sure what sparked our interest in this blue vomit inducer but a lil of this and you def felt like the hulk for a few hours.  Don’t worry! You’ll return to a humble Bruce Banner over the toilet the next morning.





This may be the NY Roc-a-fella fan in me.  The blueprint is damn near my hip hop bible.  Jay said that was all he needed, I was sold.




Racist or not, Cristal was in every rap video for like 10 years!!!  No???


St. Ides


Fuck all that club shit.  Brown paper bag, mufuc%a!