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Top 5 Reasons J. Cole Sold Out Madison Square Garden in NY



I’m WAY into entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial journey and all things ‘something from nothing’. I think I’m into it because when I see someone make it it gives me inspiration. Icing on the cake is when that person looks like me. So in this week’s Top 5, I had to highlight J. Cole’s recent accomplishment of selling out Madison Square Garden in NY (it holds over 18,000 seats). 

1 – He was patient

Cole has been out and poppin’ for a long time. His first mixtape, The Come Up, dropped in 2007. That’s 8 years ago. That doesn’t mean he’s been fuckin’ with rap since 2007. That just means that’s likey when most people heard about him. Before that, he was “unknown”. Think about all the great ideas you had that you either 1 – didn’t start or 2 – gave up on after a very short amount of time. On the road to success, you can’t just bail when things get tough. You have to be patient.


2 – He Believed in Himself

Cole is bold. You’ve probably heard the stories of his Jay-Z stalking. One instance in particular where he tried to give Jay a beat cd, taught him a lesson, he says. Him and his boy stood outside a studio (where Jay was recording American Gangster) for like three hours, with a bottle of E&J (aka Erk and Jerk aka Esus Jesus) and a beat tape. Only for Jay to tell him to pretty much scram. When you tell somebody to scram, that shit is hilarious and misrespectful at the same time. This is just ONE situation of MANY where Cole took action because he fully believed that he was going to succeed.


Side Note: If you follow me on twitter, you know I post all kinds of inspirational shit all the time. One of the things I like to stress is TAKING ACTION. You cannot just lay around waiting for your day to come. There’s no such thing as that. Get off your ass and go do something. That’s the ONLY way you’ll eventually make a better life for yourself. If not, you’ll just sit around, mad at your job and your life talkin’ bout some shoulda woulda coulda bullshit. </endrant>

3 – He’s Authentic

I remember way back in the days when I first heard of Cole. It was something different about him that I fucked with. In his music and interviews and anything else that allowed him to express himself, I could tell that he was just a regular dude that took pride in just being himself. Now don’t get it twisted, most rappers ARE just regular dudes, but they don’t embrace it. They’ll stunt hard to hide something about themselves that make them look “regular”. Cole’s authenticity resonates like crazy with me, because it’s how I live my life. I’m just being me. Even when I sit down and do the show, there’s no “act”. I’m just hanging out being me. Learn to embrace YOU. No matter what that “who” represents.


4 – The Fans Love His Shows

Talk to someone who’s recently seen a J.Cole concert. I’m willing to bet they’ll all tell you that shit was dope as fuck. Cole performed at the Jiffy Lube Center in VA last week. A lucky listener won tickets from us by filling out a survey. I missed it, but J-Boss and Rozay both said it was dope. A couple EMA chat room members fux with Cole on stage too:



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5 – His Music Is Dope As Fuck

Yo, reasons 1 – 4 wouldn’t mean shit if Cole’s music was trash. Some people like to call his shit boring (which I kinda get), but they’re in the minority. TRUST me. Matta fact, when Forest Hills Drive leaked, Twitter was in a frenzy about how “boring” the album was. FOH. I actually reviewed FHD back when it dropped. Check that out here. Look at this video right now and explain to me how in the fuck this guy is “boring”:


It’s cool…you are fully entitled to your opinion. Just know that shit is wrong as fuck.



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