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Top 5 Thot Trends


J-Boss steps up to the plate this week with the Top 5 Thot Trends.

Last week, Rozay gave you the Top 5 Scott Storch beats.

If you’re wondering whether you’re in the presence of a thot, are a thot or related to a thot…this Top 5 is for you.

Here are the Top 5 Thot Trends, presented by J-Boss:


Tramp Stamps

Doesn’t pair well with your new back fat now does it?

Chinese Slippers 

These were made to be one time wear.  Are your toenails still drying 2 weeks later? Kick rocks wearing those shits.

Doobie Wraps

This is not a fucking hairstyle you lazy heifer!

Ass Shots

Happy 50th birthday!! but your ass is still 22??? Thots are dying out here.  Literally!! Chill. Squat. Please.

Long Eyelashes

Why? You don’t look pretty. You look pretty stupid.  No, You look stupid. You just look stupid.