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Top 5 Things I Learned From Meek’s Interview with Angie


If you listen to EMA Show 31, you know that we’re starting something new. We’re doing Top 5 Fridays. Every Friday, we will post a Top 5, hip hop based list. I say “we” because it could come from me, J-Boss or Rozay. It’s important I point that out, because it’s very likely that some Top 5’s will go up that we all don’t agree on. For instance, if Rozay did a Top 5 Hottest Trends in hip hop, he might put Birdman’s Lugz on there….I’d have to disagree.

Anyway, in the first installment of our Top 5 series, I’m going to go with the Top 5 most interesting things about Meek’s interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. Meek is on his press run for his new album Dreams Worth More Than Money, that you can purchase here on iTunes. So he’s buzzin’ online right now. These are in no particular order, they just collectively sit at the top for me.

1. Nicki is the reason for All Eyes on You

So apparently, Meek says when he gets in the studio with Nicki, it’s a battle. I guess to say that they bump heads on what they think is hot. He also said that Nicki pushed him to start making more joints for the ladies. I respect it, but can’t get with it. I don’t like the song, but then again I’m not a lady.

Click here to see Meek talk Nicki 

2. Kendrick and Cole don’t Inspire him

I fux with Meek simply because he wasn’t on some PC shit, but at the same time not on some beef shit. For him to be comfortable to say “nah, I don’t listen to their music” is dope and his reasoning made sense. He said they don’t make music for him. It’s a bit unpopular to make statements like that, but he was able to make it in a respectful way. Good shit.

Click here to see Meek talk about who inspires him

3. Meek’s Father Was Killed In South Philly

I thought this was interesting simply because I’d never heard it before. Apparently he was shot when Meek was 5.

Meek briefly mentioned his pops here

4. Meek Has An App

It’s called Bike Life. I’m not sure if he sat down with folks and had it developed in his vision, but on Google play it’s called “Meek Mill Presents Bike Life”. At the time of this writing (July 2015) it has a 4.6 rating from 3,681 people. That’s good as hell. I haven’t played it. If you have, lemme know what it bees like playboi.

Click here to see Meek talk about the Bike Life app

5. Meek is in the Clipse’ Cot Damn Video

This is hot because I love this type of shit. Little random, “behind the scenes” facts about industry. Like how Detective Torres is in the Thriller video or how UGK never got a plaque or publishing for appearing on Big Pimpin’. It’s just some dope “did you know” type shit.

Click here to see Meek talk about the Cot Damn cameo

Well there you have it.

Did anything else stand out to you in the interview? What did you think of the interview? And what about his album? Have you heard it yet? Thoughts?

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