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To Stream or Not to Stream

I bought four CD’s last week. All Prince. Yes, I could have asked a friend. Yes, I could have done the due diligence to find and illegally download some Prince, but I decided the $17.00 in total would be worth the variety of Prince I could receive in physical form with little to no effort.  They arrived, they made me happy, I’ve been listening to miscellaneous Prince for days. Yes, this should have already been a part of my music collection, and it was, but I lost a huge portion of my music in a bad break up and honestly I have yet to rebuild my library to what it once was.  I’m sure prior to reading the above sentence you had not considered stealing your significant other’s music as a means of warfare. But yes, there are evil types among us.


Vowing to never have all my music on a machine so easily carried away I started to buy CD’s. With no strategy…just willy nilly here and there. At first, it was fine. I had a respectable digital/CD collection of music, and then my CD buying options became smaller. Where I was once shopping at Target to buy a new release on Tuesday now I simply used iTunes. Then streaming came and now I find myself dependent on streaming sites to fulfill my musical cravings while almost eliminating my musical purchases completely. Several years ago I fell madly in love with a site named imeem. No site was better than imeem and I hold that to be true to this day. (look it up, what they had there was golden) They were purchased for a measly 1 million dollars and all my favorites and playlists disappeared overnight. Robbed again.


Again, I promised myself I would not be had by a computer. And again I returned to buying CD’s until one Tuesday when my home away from home Target did not have  a release. I gave it a couple days. Still no release. I resigned to using Itunes. The distance between my digital library and physical library grew. Then I fell I love with Rdio who I recently lost to a buyout. AGAIN!  And somehow after being mistreated and abused by multiple music services here I am again buying cd’s! Prince is only on Tidal and I decided to give my 9.99 to Apple Music every month. Maybe that was a poor choice. With my track record, if I love your music service, you will be swallowed by a larger company.  So for Hov’s sake I won’t even get involved with Tidal because I want him to win.


As for my music library, I am not sure. I could go for a 6 CD for 99 $1.00 deal from Columbia House right now.




Link to each CD




Columbia House