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EMA 33 – The Sophomore Jinx



Remember when we used to hear the term “sophomore jinx” all the time? It basically meant that an artist’s second album was not likely to live up the first one. Well, what does that concept look like nowadays? Who currently has a second album that, when compared to the first, is a fail? Meek recently dropped his second and so did Kendrick (technically). Future dropped his last year. We talk through the whole “sophomore jinx” and it’s effect on today’s new school class.

Then we take it back and hook ya’ll up with a special #GAF. #YOTW is back per usual and so is all the usual fuckeringtons.





I said “Crissles” last week when referring to who Another Round interviewed on their podcast, but her name is “Crissle”. Her username on Twitter is Crissles.


Social Media Shoutouts

Vera Roberts (the Erotica Mistress)


Rosalie Harrington

Charles E Morris III


#GAF (Give a Fu!k)

DMX drops two albums in the same year

Mase calls into Hot 97 to retire (click to listen)

Lil Wayne’s Lights Out (click to hear Shine)

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Let the Lox Go campaign

Biggie killed before Life After Death (click to see the scene from Juicy Rozay mentioned)

In My Lifetime Vol 1 (click to peep In My Lifetime remix)

It Was Written (see what millennials should know about the album)


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

Click here for the Yamtube video we mentioned