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EMA 63 – The RIAA is Switching it up, Bow Wow is Headed to Late Night and Future is Flooding the Market

Yoooo…what’s scroppin!

Peep, lemme just get right to it.

In this week’s show we look into this whole “streaming now counts as a purchase” foolishness the RIAA is doing now. We also highlight Bow Wow’s announcement that he’s coming late night. J-Boss asks us if there’s a need for hip hop to have a spot in the limelight these days.

Last main topic is concerning Future. We discussed the notion that he might be doing too much. He’s dropped more music this year than Rozay drops deuces when he visits friends’ houses (if you don’t know what that’s about, hit me and I’ll tell you).

We got #GAF and #YOTW per usual.