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T.I.’s Album Is About To Be Hot

Paperwork album cover

Yo, I just want to set the record straight right now…TI shit is gonna be stupid hot. I typically won’t try to hype an album up before it drops, but sometimes I just get that vibe. The last time I was wrong about an album was Canibus’ debut joint. I was just 100% wrong on that. I’ll eat that loss. But since then, my record is 23-0.



So let’s take a look at what we’ve heard so far.
There’s the joint with Young Thug (no homo), Aint about the money. Don’t front, that shit is hot. The beat is crills, TIP on his shit with the bars and if I’m not mistaken I think he let it be known that he’s “quick to put some bricks in a Bronco” even though he’s a man with multiple convictions on his record. I can’t be mad at that. You can’t either.

So now let’s talk about the joint with Pharrell. It’s called Paperwork.
Face it, anytime TI fux with Pharrell (Freak Though, Good Life and Amazing…just to name a few), shit is crack. This time aint no different. They always make something that got a different vibe to it and it always works. And I heard Pharrell is executive producing the album.

New National Anthem is another joint I found on YouTube. And guess what…it’s crack. He might as well hug the block and hand this shit out. This is a track with a vibe that says “shit is effed up out here for us, but here’s how you can make it”. Typically, I’d find songs like this too cheesy for my taste, but TI (and some other select artists) knows how to walk the “uplift them, but still entertain them” line just fine. Peep it here.



So tracklists don’t excite me anymore, unless I know I’m looking at the tracklist of an actual artist. TI’s tracklists still excites me (no homo). Here’s some initial thoughts:
Track 2 – G Shit (feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck) -> I’m not feelin Jeezy’s last album. I’m not particularly feelin Jeezy too much these days, but I imagine when he stands next to TI, he has to come correct (pause). It’s the 2nd track on the whole album, so it better be hot.

Track 5 – Oh Yeah (feat. Pharrell) -> See above about my thoughts about Pharrell and TI

Track 11 – About My Issue (feat. Victoria Monet & Nipsey Hussle) -> I’m a huge Nip fan. There’s NO WAY under the sun, this track is garbage. If this shit sucks, I’ll by a copy of your favorite rap album and send it to you. I’m not even joking.

Track 14 – Light Em Up (RIP Doe B) (feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuck) -> Need to find out who this WatchTheDuck dude is. Also, when I see “RIP Doe B”, I feel like this is gonna be one of them soulful, introspective joints. And finally, see above about Pharrell and TI.



OK, in the very very OFF chance I’m wrong about this album, here is why:

1 – Too many features. I can’t stand when I see an album full of features. It’s like, you couldn’t hold this shit down on your own? However, I trust TI to not make it SOUND like it’s feature heavy. There’s a way to skillfully do this. Nahmtalmbout?

2 – ONE of these features is Iggy Azalea. She’s trash on all levels (except for them cheeks). I get it though. It’s his artist, it’s a business move…I get it. So hopefully this isn’t some filler shit that I have to skip. If it is, oh well. One out of 18 aint bad.

3 – Speaking of 18…there’s way too many tracks on this shiz. I’ve never in my entire life seen an artist go 18 for 18. Biggie went 24 for 24 on Life After Death…that’s it. No other artist went that far or even came close.

HipHopDX has the whole tracklist here.

Let me know if ya’ll feel the same in the comments. I don’t wanna hear nothing about that Game album. He’s trash (used to be nice though).


Yours Truly,

Big Sherms

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