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Something Old Something New

Somehow it’s mid May, not really sure how time flew by but it’s moving. I’ve been out of the loop as I’ve disconnected from social media for a rest but I peeked and poked around just to see what I’d been missing. Two things stood out, both made me feel old. I’m not old, but everything is relative.

I saw a hashtag for the Running Man challenge and I clicked on it full of confidence about what I was going to see, only to slapped in the face with my ignorance. Turns out the words running and man next to each other don’t equal this. They equal this.

Who knew?

Not I. And I guess I shouldn’t shake my fist and grimace in disgust. It wasn’t disgust I felt, it was more a sense of loss. Loss of my youth? Maybe. Or more a sense of losing identity. If I see the words cup and cake next to each other I don’t expect to see a cookie. There is nothing wrong with cookies but they aren’t cupcakes. It’s fine. And I’m sure there’s a precedent set for an old dance with a new name or a new dance with an old dance’s name. But still. I don’t know if anyone is calling a dance the Charleston but doing the Butterfly. I could be way off and this is part and parcel but I only recently remember being offended by the second coming of the Harlem Shake. And let me state whatever that shit people were doing a couple years ago wasn’t the damn Harlem Shake. It wasn’t. And this ain’t the damn running man. (I’m getting older with every disgruntled word I type) It’s something else, and that’s fine. But it’s not the running man.

So, once I moved past the dance discrepancy I was again pushed right back down to old fogey town when a post on Instagram yielded some precarious comments. In case you missed it, a picture was posted on Instagram the caption read “Esco x Puff x Future” You know who’s in this picture right? I feel like if you’re here, reading this, you already know who each person named is in said picture. Not so fast, old heads. Not so fast. Comments came in with the “that’s not DJ Esco, that’s Nas.” *insert the rudest gif displaying disgust here* You may be God’s Son Nasir but some of these kid’s have never heard you utter the words “went from Nasty to Nas from Nas to Escobar…” I bet they don’t even know what Nas is like… Now, I will say, you can kinda, and I mean the slimmest of kindas. Can kinda cut them a little slack because Future does have a dj named DJ Esco. So I can kinda. Barely but not really but kinda see how a green person’s response could be “that’s not DJ Esco” kinda. But not really.

Just imagine, one day, in the not too distant future people could see and/or hear the name Jimi Snuka and not think of… Oh wait…