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Vol 3 – Interview Series – Simone Waugh


Guys and Girls…I’m happy to introduce you to Simone “Moni” Waugh. I “met” Simone on the Twitters a few weeks ago. She was saying something about being depressed about getting older.

I have NO idea why, but it caught my eye. So I simply responded and told her she should be happy that she’s able to spread a message through her writing (because I noticed she had a blog).

Note: My response landed me on her “smile pile” that day.

So I started to read this blog and holy crap…her stories just had me cracking the eff up.

If you read her blog, Say-Waugh.com (pronounced: say whaaaaa!?), it’s VERY easy to feel Simone’s personality bursting off the page. Some people have a knack for that sort of thing and she’s one of them.

Anyway, I immediately thought to myself, “hmmm…I bet she would be a great interview”. So I reached out and the rest was history. Listen below to hear about Simone’s wacky relationship stories and her love for granny panties. She also wrote a book earlier this year. She tells us what to expect in the book and breaks down the title as well.


So without further ado, I’d like to present EMA Interview Series, Vol 3 with Simone Waugh. #pressPlayLikePuff



Show Notes

Story about the homeless dude

Story about dude who took the post-sex call in the bathroom

The granny panties saga

Here’s a link to the Rubber Band Effect article

Twitter: @moniwaugh

Instagram: @moniwaugh

Facebook facebook.com/yousaywaugh

Website: say-waugh.com

Personalized book (autograph, personal message and some goodies) saywaughbooks.bigcartel.com

Simone’s book on Amazon