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EMA 43 – Russell Wilson Says No to Future, Rappers Try to Recreate Classics and TI is Done with Iggy


In this show we talked about Russell Wilson and Ciara’s situation. We think that Wilson told the Seattle Seahawks DJ to not play Future’s music when Ciara’s around. Should you change up your style to appease your significant other when you’re in a new relationship?

We also talked about rappers trying to recreate classics. Nas is about to drop Lost Tapes 2. Is it a good or bad thing for rappers when they try to capitalize off of their prior music that has been critically acclaimed.

Our last main topic is centered around TI and Iggy Azalea. He dropped her. He stopped defending her. J Boss asked should he have went so hard to protect her when they were still cool. Or should he have just let her sink on her own?

All that and more (YOTW, GAF) in this week’s episode.





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