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The Best Jay and Ross Collabos

Movin' Bass Artwork

So Rick Ross announced on Angie’s show that he’s dropping a new joint with Jay tonight (11 NOV 2014). It’s supposed to be a song off his upcoming album, Hood Billionaire. It’s dropping on NOV 24th (3 days before Thanksgiving).

The name of the song is Movin’ Bass. There’s some mixed feelings about how hot (or not) this song will be. So in preparation, we decided it was only right to rank all the other Jay/Ross collabos on the cusp of the release.


Maybach Music – Ross ft. Jay – This was from Ross’ Trilla (2008). It was the first installment of the Maybach Music series. It was a hot concept that eventually spawned some fire songs. On its own, this song is stupid hot. But ranking it amongst his other Jay features, you can tell Ross was still finding his footing as far as his bars go. Jay killed it with lines like being Kool G Rap, but with better transportation.

Free Mason – Ross ft. Jay – This was from Ross’ Teflon Don album (2010). It is, in my humble opinion, the best joint they’ve ever done together. They both torched this. At the time, there was a lot of “Illuminati” shots being thrown in Jay’s direction. He responded to the shots with his verse here. Crack juice. I don’t see how their other collabos can top this.

F*ckwitmeyouknowigotit – Jay ft. Ross – This is the 4th joint on Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album from last summer (2013). Now, I gotta admit, I almost changed my mind about Free Mason being better simply off the Pimp C intro on this (don’t look down on the youngstas ’cause they wanna have shiny things). That combined with the beat just puts me in the zone, but I digress. Ross doesn’t body this necessarily, but his flow is perfection. Combine that with slick shit like “Reeboks on, I just do it, nigga” (shot at Nike?). Jay on the other hand takes it back to early 90s Hov with the sped up flow and fly talk with a few metaphors sprinkled within. Good shit.

The Devil Is A Lie – Ross ft. Jay – You can find this track on Mastermind. It’s Ross’ album from earlier this year (2014). There’s two verses from Ross talkin’ all kinds of shit. “Fo’ stacks for the heels on his bitch feet” and “100k for a 16” among those bars. Jay did his thing too, but I think Ross got him on this (even though Ross had two chances to do so). For the record, I was about to say the replay value on this was low until I played it today. This track is effing fire. Ain’t ufckin’ with Free Mason though.

Honorable Mention – I almost listed 3 Kings, but decided not to. I wanted to spotlight joints that only had Ross and Jay on it.

So here’s my final ranking:

1st -Free Mason

2nd – F*ckwitmeyouknowigotit

3rd – The Devil Is A Lie

4th – Maybach Music


Do you agree? And whatchu’ think about Movin’ Bass? You think they’ll knock it out of the park?


UPDATE: Movin’ Bass turned out to be weak bars, hot beat and Jay only doing the hook. #fail

Listen for yourself


  1. I would switch the devil is a lie and fuckwithme… Only because the bars are better in devil is a lie and fuckwithme… is mostly beat, dope punches and ad libs. Either way, both crack.