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How to Ride D*ck (and more) with Sex Expert, Tyomi Morgan

I invited Tyomi Morgan (Sex Coach, Playboy Radio Host, and Contributing writer for EBONY.com) on this episode to come talk about any and everything sex. She’s quite knowledgeable on the subject. I came across a video of her deep-throating a banana and it sparked my interest. I reached out and the rest is history.

Tyomi talked about her love for writing, what her parents think of her career, her class where she teaches women how to ride their men, why she doesn’t wear panties and MUCH more. She gave out some advice for guys to take to the bedroom as well. She was VERY generous with her time and the advice she shared.

We ALL have an interest in sex, so I highly suggest you follow Tyomi on Instagram or read her blog to stay up on your sex education.

She’s great at delivering her message because she’s comfortably open with herself, her sexuality and she’s very down to earth. I had a good ass time interviewing her. Hopefully you have just as much fun listening.

-Big Therm