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As I type I wonder what is going on? Not in the Marvin Gaye way, but in the “I’m confused” way.  i have no idea what is going on. So last week maybe two weeks ago Game was mad because someone told on him so he told on them and that person told on whomever he was mad at or something. It was a bunch of telling going on that is the only thing i know for certain. The scuttlebutt  managed to rise at the perfect time as Game’s album release and of course he did the typical circuit talking about why he was mad and who he was mad at oh and go buy his album folks, or stream it whatever the norm is as of today’s date. I thought everything was all good until Beans got in the mix and allegedly or technically not alleged because there is video got knocked out before the Bad Boy Reunion show in Philly, Where was Puff, Lord? I just feel like that wouldn’t have happened in front of Puff but anyway. So Beans got knocked out, went out performed, and the dude that knocked him out did an interview talking about knocking him out.

Are you still with me? I know its a lot. I’m not all the way clear.

Anyhoo, multiple threats have gone out from all types of camps, to be honest its like the Royal Rumble and everyone is running to the ring and we might align to get one dude out but then its every man for himself. We haven’t gotten to that part yet. It may or may not be coming. We are still at the running to the ring. Lots of social media posts screenshots, podcasting, tweets, pictures. Drama, drama, drama. There is so much. It’s very Young and the Restless.

First of all, why why why do people insist on incriminating themselves via the internet? I do not understand that. I refuse to be the star witness in a case against myself. But that is of no consequence to some. Godspeed guys, godspeed.

Secondly, why is this happening? Now, I have long held a theory that men are in fact the fairer sex and highly emotional which i have mounds of evidence to support but I’ll save that for another time. But really fellas, this is very over the top. I’m seeing videos, screenshots of text messages, didn’t Gotti say if you screenshot you the police? Word to the wise, if someone posts your text messages or screenshots them and sends them as a means to undermine you. They cannot be trusted. EVER. PERIOD. That is character defining behavior.

This is all Drake’s fault. This is all Drake’s fault. If he hadn’t embarrassed the shit out of Meek to the point of no return. He would have never been exposed, he would not have become the butt of jokes, and he wouldn’t feel like he had to overcompensate. Because once you see something you cannot unsee it. We all saw him get bullied, and he’s been getting bullied ever since. Damn shame.

This whole thing is a mess. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Im intentionally keeping my distance because its not interesting its sad. It’s not a testament of upholding a code of ethics, its the complete perversion of them. Its gross.