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Is Your Podcast Good At A Few Things Or GREAT At One Thing?

Is your podcast about “a little bit of everything”? If so, you’re definitely competing with more podcasters than necessary. Nothing wrong with some competition, but in a world where the barrier of entry is very low, too much competition is a problem.

Here’s why. Let’s say your podcast is about pop culture. You’ve decided that your take on pop culture is better than everyone else’s. Listeners should tune in because you’re “funnier” than the rest. OK cool, but let’s put this in perspective. When you drop an episode, how does your promo differ from those covering the same topics? Maybe Lil Wayne is beefing with Baby this week. Aren’t all the headlines going to look the same? How does yours differ? Do you say “Lil Wayne is Beefing With Baby (listen to our take because we’re funnier)“? That won’t work, right? Ok, so then try different approaches to your show and that will help drive better promo. I repeat…try different approaches to your show and that will help drive better promo.

Here’s what I mean:

If you know Wayne and Baby are beefing, why don’t you find out any and every detail about that situation and use that as your selling point? In other words, why not go DEEP with your coverage? That way, no stone is left unturned when people are tuned in. You know what this does? It makes your audience think of you when they think of deep coverage. When a major story breaks in the culture, they’ll think your show will have the deep, analytical coverage. Also, your headlines for promo could look something like this:

– An In-Depth look at Wayne vs Baby
– The what, when and why of Wayne vs Baby
– How did the riff between Wayne and Baby actually start?
– A detailed timeline of the beef between Wayne and Baby

Here’s another example:

If an album is coming out, it’s likely that most podcasts are going to brush over it. If you want your podcast to stand out, get DEEP and get creative. Here’s an idea:

Figure out who produced each beat on the album then pull an old beat/song from each producer and play them on your episode. Play a snippet of each and talk about it afterwards. You can also include the opinions of those in your audience by collecting them ahead of time. Ask about the music on social media and capture the answer. When talking about that beat on your episode, read the comment from the audience member as well. There are endless ways to get creative.

Now look how promo changes based off of the change in creativity:
– Timbo has three hits on xyz’s album, What’s he produced since 2000?
– A breakdown of each beat on xyz’s new album
– What we did and didn’t like about the beats on xyz’s album

Get specific so that someone who is casually scrolling through social media will stop and pay attention to your message. Your message will blend in if you don’t set yourself apart.

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