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I would go into a finger wagging blah blah blah about RHQ and what happened at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, but I won’t. Anyone can make mistakes. He admitted to being nervous. But you know, when you don’t respect the lawn it becomes a rest haven for all types of lifeforms. Anyhoo, onto less depressing items.

Summer has many stand out activities, including, one of my personal favorites, riding around and getting it. Loud pipes, big rims, woadie thats my life. Which brings me to my latest car riding favorite Blank Face the latest offering from Schoolboy Q. While we know my feelings towards albums with 17 songs on them (not a fan), Q’s latest album is a great riding out option. Here we are in 2016 and for all intents and purposes the West Coast is holding the torch for hip-hop.

As of late, if you want a complete album, a good listen, its coming from the left coast. Where other regions of hip-hop argue over who in the hell left the gate open. The West Coast has managed to stay true to  itself and maintain its identity, all while staying current. It can be done folks!

I’ve been a fan of Q since Habits & Contradictions which caused me to go back and get familiar with Setbacks. For me, i have found Q to be a tried and true West Coast rapper who has done his homework. He is a quality rapper, and in this day and age the importance of true quality cannot be overstated. Had he edited down to 12-14 the album would have been near flawless, but even at 17 songs it is well-rounded and fulfilling. The tone is right. The album is timely. Schoolboy is like comfort food. Exactly what you need.

Blank Face is a good ride. At the edge of whatever speed your area law enforcement allows it’s even better. (don’t be a dummy buckle your safety belt) But real slow with the windows down can result in peak pleasure.

Thanks Quincy, you’re good at this.