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Update: So I Might’ve Been Wrong

Paperwork album cover

So yeah, last week I predicted TI’s album was a bout to F.U.T.W. See here.

Well, I listened to the album this morning while I was in the gym moving weight like Jeezy.

Now, before I go into the review, let me say that before the album dropped, I wanted to know what some folks who DID hear it were saying. So I took to some forums… and let’s just say I was a little dissappointed in what I read. Normally, that would stop me DEAD in my tracks from listening to a song or album, but I couldn’t do that this time because i’m an actual fan of Tip’s. So not only did I listen, but I listened intently and uninterrupted.

TRACK by TRACK Breakdown

So, here goes:

King – This is the intro. Beat is dopesauce (i’m a sucker for some soulful shit). TI’s flow is hot and there’s some standout bars, but nothing to call home about.

G Shit (ft Jeezy) – The beat is hot, but it doesn’t do it for me as a follow up to the beat I just heard. TI’s bars are uninspired (<–pay attention to that word). The song overall gives me the vibe of some late 90s rocafella shit that Freeway might’ve hopped on. Also, I halfway like the Jeezy verse.

About the Money (ft Young Thug (no homo)) – See last week’s preview

New National Anthem (ft Skylar Grey) – See last week’s preview (Side Float – Skylar Grey might be a heroine addict…ijs – see below)

skylerGrey  skylerGrey2

Oh Yeah (ft. Pharrell) – Another good beat. Bars are pretty regular. If I was a brand new TI fan, I wouldn’t hear this and be like “oh shit, he’s killin’ it”. I could’ve easily heard these lyrics back on Urban Legend.

Private Room (ft. Chris Brown) – Love the UGK sample here, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not a fan of songs on albums that most rappers categorize as “for the ladies”. They just don’t do it for me, typically. I more into shit like How’s It Goin’ Down from X, or (speaking of Urban Legend) Chillin Wit My Bitch. Feel me?

No Mediocre (ft. Iggy Azalea)- No comment.

Jet Fuel (ft. Boosie) – This reminds me of the shit with Weezy from Trouble Man (which was a hot song). This time, however, Boosie (who I fux with) is taking Wayne’s place and the beat and bars sound like an uninspired attempt at capturing that magic. Smh… Can’t lie though, I can see how fans would like this.

Paperwork (ft. Pharrell) – See last week’s preview

Stay (ft. Victoria Monet) – Interesting title, check. Sped up soulful sample, check. Giving me that ‘Song Cry’ vibe, check. So this should be good right? Yeah…it’s good. Sounds like he’s addressing the Tiny and Mayweather shit, plus some more relationship issues. This is the TI I like to hear rhyme. The bars make sense and have a vision. Good shit. (Side Float – This is the chick that sang the hook to Diggy’s J.Cole diss fail)

About my Issue (ft. Victoria Monet and Nipsey Hussle) – Full disclosure, I’m a HUGE Nip fan so I’m aware my reviews of anything he does might be biased (even though he’s stupid nice). Anyway, this starts off cold. The beat sounds like it’s setting me up for something crazy. Well, all I hear is uninspired bars from TI between Victoria’s mellow hooks. I wasn’t too happy with Nip’s flow (sounded a bit shaky). I’d rather hear his verse on a different beat with a different flow. I’m not feeling the whole package here (pause).

At Ya’ Own Risk (ft. Ursher Baby) – Beat start off like some Slim Thug ft. Bun B type shit, but then Ursher says “don’t be bullshittin’ with me girl, I don’t care if you got a boyfriend or not”. To which I immediately think “what? that’s what kinda song this is?…da fuq?” TI aint too bad on this one, but it’s a bit upsetting that he used this beat to say “yo, shorty, you at your own risk if you fuckin wit me”. Nah, I’m good. Shoulda’ used this for some shit where he lists off mad different blocks in ATL and what those blocks are known for (that’s how I hear this beat in my head).

On Doe, On Phil (ft. Trae the Truth) – This is a sub par song, and by the time I get here on the album, I’m bored. I had high hopes for this song (even though I don’t really eff with Trae). The only place I hear a reference to the title of this song is in the hook. I had a different vision for this song.

Light Em Up (RIP Doe B) (ft. Pharrell and WatchTheDuck) – Obviously, this is a joint about TI’s dude, Doe B, that got killed. He talked about this at the end of the last song. The beat is hot and TI tells some vivid tales on it. I like it, but it’s not enough for me to keep spinning on the regular.

Let Your Heart Go (Break My Soul) (ft. The Dream) – The beat starts, and I’m like “oh shit, bout to be some deep shit (no homo)”. Dream starts crooning about something I don’t understand (We said we’d never be/ just a memory/ and even though it breaks my soul/still I’ll never let your heart go)…say what?? Anyway, I like what TI is talmbout on this one. More rhymes about his mans and ‘nem that died.



Now if you’re a slacker, that was the last track on your album. However, if you splurged for the deluxe edition (or you pay 10 bones a month that allows you to listen to whatever, whenever), you got three more tracks to go. Let’s jump back in…


Sugar Cane – TI immediately let me know that he’s “trappin’ hard with the ‘ye all times of the night”, followed by more uninspired bars. I liked it when I first heard it. Second listen tells me otherwise. Miss me with this.

I Don’t Know – I like this. Mellow shit with a cool flow and I’m diggin’ the subject matter. He’s saying even though he’s a felon, he’s gonna do what he has to in these skreets, shawty. And he points out what would happen to his kids if he was gone. He also contemplates different situations that could play out between him and Tiny. Good shit.

You Can Tell How I Walk (ft. Rick Ross) – LOVE this shit. Beat is hot, rhymes aint much though. I love it because of the hook, the beat and Ross’ verse. Ross exercises ZERO humility, proclaiming that “one of my checks look like my company fax”. I like ignant/arrogant shit like that.


Yo, I think this album fell short because of ONE thing…the uninspiring bars from TI. I think he’s hit the point in his career where he doesn’t have much to talk about simply because he’s not that hungry anymore. It happens to the best of them. I just didn’t think it happened to Clifford yet.


2 Moneymayweather scuffles out of 5