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EMA 56 – NWA Inducted into the Hall of Fame, Tyrese vs Ginuwine and 50 vs His Kid

What’s good!?

We’re back with the second to last episode of the year. Can you believe that?

Anyway, in this episode we talked about NWA making it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rozay seems to think he’s figured out exactly why they were inducted.

Next we tackle the R&B beef that’s been escalating betwixt Ginuwine and Tyrese (two of the realest dudes on the planet).

And the last news item was about 50 and his remarks about his son on Instagram. I’m not sure exactly what his thinking is, but whatever. J-Boss asked us if 50 has finally gone too far with his Instagram post.

Of course we follow this all up with a session of #GAF and we present this week’s #YOTW.

Enjoy, my g.

– Big Therm