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Aye, what’s up, I’m still here. I know, I know, I’ve bee MIA for a few weeks, but as is life. I was all ready to pop up on the scene real tough last week and then… well you know. All hell broke loose. I mean yeah I needed to take a minute to process what happened. Not for nothing, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. And I was dead wrong about the country. Not surprised though. The white woman part caught me off guard, but in reality it is par for the course. Honestly, truly.

But it is what it is. This is where we live. It appears we are headed for an iceberg. It’s bad, real bad Joe Jackson. Huddle up.

I could spend some time writing about all the dummies, but I won’t…those among us know who they are. Dummies. I wonder if Barack is sending us secret messages because you know he can’t say “run, its all fucked up!” it would kill the market.

Anyhoo, if it is possible to have a silver lined mushroom cloud it was A Tribe Called Quest blessing us with a final album. It’s perfect. It’s exactly what I needed from them while simultaneously not what I imagined. Music is one of the few things that comforts in these times.
They accomplished what I hope other acts will later in their musical journey. To create timely, important, valid music without chasing the dragon that is youth. It’s beautiful to see our Rolling Stones, Paul Simon’s, Aerosmith’s travel down the road set for legends. We are growing up y’all. *insert crying face emoji*

Yo, we really gotta figure out what the hell to do. We are in trouble! And now it’s a gang gang gang of terrible no good very bad people. For real evil people. Like one of those Russian nesting doll sets where each one is more sinister and insidious than the last. Fuck.

I watched a video of black folks swag surfing in the White House for a party Barack had a week or so ago. Man, that shit isn’t gonna happen again in my lifetime, and i fully intend to live into my mid-90’s. That family, they were a blessing to us. So black. So damn black.

For Black History Month, I pray to all the ancestors that Barack and Michelle rip this country a new asshole as they will be private citizens. That is something to look forward to. I know Barack aint never stop smoking, but he pretended for us. What do you think he’s up to this week? A pack pack and a half a day?

Thanks for those Joe and Barack memes (pronounced meems for the uninitiated) internet. That helped a little bit.

Thanks Rae Sremmurd for Black Beatles, I appreciate that shit too.

Thanks Childish Gambino for Me and Your Mama, that shit is beautiful.

Thanks Solange for A Seat at the Table. That proved timely as fuck.

Thanks Amine for your addendum to Caroline on Fallon. *inserts multiple emoji hearts*

There’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from.