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No Pictures

I don’t photograph well. I look better in real life. This is only an idea I’ve had to come to accept in the past 2 to 3 years. Well let me take that back. I have always been a bit awkward in 42% of my pictures collectively That was never a problem until the past 2 to 3 years, and let me not qualify it as a problem. Because I’m really ok with it, but basically I look better in real life than I do in print. Or I think I’m way cuter than I actually am. Whomever is looking at me gets to decide. When I look in the mirror at home I say “oh hey girl you fine, then I take a picture and its like oh girl, no…..no……..hell naw. But I’m not here to talk about my face. Not really. What I want to talk about is the over saturation of all of us, wasting the best parts of us, reduced to head shots. Daily selfies.

One of my more enchanting qualities is that I am mysterious. That is partially calculated and partially unintended. I always keep some for myself.  Now with the advent of the interwebs, and social networking everyone can see everybody everyday without having to do any work.

How can you appreciate me if you see my morning face, mid day face, car driving face, good night face and oh hey its my morning face again everyday? It just becomes background information in an already cluttered mess of blah. You feel like you did see me. So when you see me in real life how will I make your heart go a flutter?
The principles used in creating desires in people for luxury goods. That’s how you should treat your face. Ferrari doesn’t advertise but Honda does. And while Neiman’s does advertise and Rainbow’s doesn’t , not to my knowledge at least, do you want to be Rainbow’s or do you want to be Neiman Marcus? In order to do that there must be some levels out of reach.

Some of my best moments. Not pictured. I tend to follow a rule of if you didn’t see me you didn’t see me and you missed it. My cute is not diminished by the fact that no one validated my cuteness. I know I was cute and everyone who saw me knows I was cute. That was the present. They were lucky enough to be in the same place I was and see me. That’s the joy.
I’m not a curmudgeon who hates the technology. I enjoy the interwebs but I enjoy living my life undocumented. Psychological tests show people remember things better if there was no picture. The brain wont retain the same amount of information, because it knows it doesn’t have to, if there is a picture.

That’s how you create a legendary status. Not with pictures but with memories.  Don’t let technology waste your flavor.