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EMA 36 – Nipsey Backtracks, Macklemore Feels the Pressure and Did We Forget About Dre?


So Nipsey Hussle got himself in some hot water for co-signing a tweet that was derogatory towards black girls. He even ended up trending on Twitter. It got a HUGE reaction, but we ask ‘Are folks overreacting to Nipsey’s tweet?’

Macklemore admitted to relapsing. He blamed the fame and said he was super-stressed. So J-Boss asked us, if drug use is justified due to the pressures of the industry?

Have we finally forgot about Dre? No, but Dre looked as if he’d forgot about us. He redeemed ¬†himself, though. Dre announced that a new album called Compton and it drops this Friday. We talk about if Dre’s delay was too long.

#GAF and #YOTW are definitely in the building as well as our usual shenanigans. #pressPlayLikePuff




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Nipsey’s fucked up Twitter game (click to peep everything)

Macklemore’s drug use got the best of him

Dr Dre’s new album Compton


#GAF (Give A Fu$k)

Kylie Jenner butt cream and breast cream

5000 Bottles of viagra laced alcohol seized

Remy reflects on one year out of jail

Jay Z hides bonus track in the vinyl 

Fetty Wap has three singles in Top 20 on Billboard

Big Sean will be designing socks for Stance

Angie interviews Baby

Chief Keef running for Mayor of Chicago

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett finalizing divorce This turned out to be bullshit

Travis Scott arrested for inciting a riot


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)

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