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EMA 21 – Nicki engaged, Cam talks snitching, Ross feelin’ himself


What’s goodington? Way too much went on this past week. It was tough choosing what we were going to talk about. So obviously we picked the most manly thing we could think of…Nicki Minaj’s engagement to Meek Mill. We talked about Cam and his comments on snitching. We give some scenarios where we try to figure out if it’s OK to “snitch”. Not last and not least, we talk about Ross saying he’s a bigger threat than some current hip hop heavyweights. Then of course we got GAF and #YOTW. Keep tagging me on IG, btw. I see ya’ll showing love out there. And yo, rate our show on iTunes, my g. #pressPlayLikePuff


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@divinnalafeme (here’s the post where she tried to style on me)

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Kidd Domo





Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill engaged (confirmed by Drake?)

Cam is talking about snitching again

Ross says he’s a bigger threat than Puff, Jay and Baby



Tidal CEO quit

Bone says it’s his own fault that Terry Carter got ran over

This is Bone in Training day (crazy right?):


Ben and Jerry’s getting into beer

Young Thug puts out mixtape, not album (here’s his girl)

Dej Loaf – Me, U and Hennessy:

State Property 3 coming out?

Rihanna snorting coke (you be the judge)?

Aaron Hernandez found guilty

Snoop’s weed delivery service

Webbie baptized


#YOTW (Yams of the Week)


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