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Netflix Binging Is Life

Netflix Binging

Why didn’t anybody put me down on ‘The Walking Dead’ mad years ago? That’s what I’ve found myself repeating daily for the last 2 weeks while I’ve been binge-watching the past seasons on Netflix (thank you God for Netflix). I then get the “I told you!!!! You wasn’t listening!” speeches. I have no interest in zombies period. Dead peeps wandering the Earth for all time? That’s a ridiculous concept. It’s unrealistic. Also, it’s gross! Skip ahead 5 1/2 years and this show is in its 6th season. So I thought, “Aight, aight. Maybe there’s more to this thing than zombies. Maybe this joint has well-developed characters and storylines.”

After scrolling though my FB feed two Sunday’s ago and seeing “OMG!!!! #TWD” everywhere, I’d had it. I needed to see what the hype was about. As luck would have it, the first 5 seasons were available on Netflix. I added it to my queue, clicked the play button, and I’ve now lost 2 weeks of my life (and have abandoned some legit awesome network television). DVR is 72% full because hubs and I haven’t watched a damn thing other than ‘The Walking Dead’. Weekends during our daughter’s naps, lunch breaks at work, iPad at the gym, celly in the bathroom….we’re binging dumb hard and we can’t stop. This show is EPIC! We’ve started DVR-ing season 6 so that when we catch up, we don’t have to wait months to catch up on Netflix.

Yes, the show evolves around a zombie apocalypse. Yes, it’s macabre. However, the storylines that develop as a result of these mofos walking around trying to dead the living are everything. You fall in love with a character and they get deaded. You think you have something figured out and you’re wrong. The sheer fear of somebody getting bit by a zombie has me deadlocked to the television. Idk man. You just need to watch this joint if you don’t already. I can’t see how anybody could watch this and hate it (unless they have a weak stomach).

My advice: if mad people (like, dope people that share your interests — not your crackhead cousins trying to get you to take a hit or something) are telling you to get on to something, don’t wait 5 years. Otherwise, prepare to neglect yourself and all others, housework, and anything else that means something to you until you catch up. I can’t even tell you what’s been going on in my world in the last two weeks. All is lost. #NetflixIsTheDevil but #NetflixIsSoDope.