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EMA 34 – Nas vs Carmen, Baby vs Wayne and TI vs TIP


Remember Carmen? Nas’ baby moms that wrote that tell all book? Well she’s in the news again. Supposedly she’s homeless. Do you think Nas (or any dude for that matter) should have to continue child support payments to the mother of their child who is now over 18? I guess out the kindness of his heart because she’s now homeless? What do you think? Send me your thoughts and I’ll read them on the next show.

Baby and Wayne are back in the news for their situation. It’s been gettin’ crazy. It’s being reported that Baby put a hit out on Wayne (which had me like WTF!). It’s unforntunate what happened between these two. We spoke about whether this is an issue when mixing family and business. We use the term “family” because Baby always referred to Wayne as his “son”. Are parent managers good or bad for the artist?

In the last part of our news segment, we talked about TI. He was being interviewed and said that when recording he shouldn’t try to top songs like Blurred Lines, but instead build the process back over again. All summed up, I guess he’s “takin’ it back”. So due to TIP’s comments, we talked about rappers should do once they feel like they’ve hit a peak.

#GAF and #YOTW (Yams of the Week) are back per usual and there’s now an Announcement portion of the show.







Interview with ByBreezy (dropping tomorrow, July 22nd 2015)


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Bren Bauer



Carmen Bryan is homeless

Baby and Wayne still at odds

TIP hits his creative peak


#GAF (Give a Fu!k)

Pitbull warns Donald Trump about El Chapo

Suge’s toilet and tumor

Pittsburgh woman caught with 2000 bricks

Jeremih catches a DUI

Skrippers banned from VIP, now suing

French piping Sanaa?

DMX jailed over child support

Chris Brown home invasion issues

President commutes sentence of Demayrius Thomas’ moms

Chance and Lil B working together


Bonus Content

This is the remainder of the clip you heard at the beginning of the main show. After Rozay stops the foolery, we give our thoughts on Power (season 2 episode 5).

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