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XXL’s annual Freshman Class issue arrived and with it so did the typical comments of “these dudes are trash.” And “what about my fav?” And the always popular ” why aren’t there any women?” But listen, maybe not making the list is the true gift.

Hip-Hop digital documenter YN aka Elliott Wilson did us all a favor and strolled down memory lane with posts of freshman classes of the past and most of the fresh meat didn’t make it to graduation. All things considered, the best classes had about 3 and a possible that are still currently standing, but on average most classes only have one. Now, math is not my favorite thing but if the average is one maybe two doesn’t that signify the list is arbitrary?

I’m not saying the list is invalid, well maybe I am, but it is clearly not an indicator of who’s gonna stand the test of time. Maybe the function of the list is to say ” these people exist” and if that’s it’s purpose, cool. My interpretation of the list was ” these people are the new blood and they’re going to graduate on to bigger and better things.” But as stated above, most don’t reach the highest heights of hip-hop leaders or even participator. Let me not say that, Donnis may be out here contributing to the culture and I just don’t know about it. Who, you ask? I don’t know I saw his name on the 2010 list. I don’t know. Apologies in advance to any Donnis fans. Write your congressman and tell them why you mad.

Also, is there a physical XXL magazine? I’m going to go to Kroger and find out, but the point being do we really need a magazine or site (whatever applies) to tell us who’s hot via this list? Regretfully, I must say it does seem an archaic ritual. In this form, presented to us, this way. It doesn’t have the same feel. Unless the goal is to start an argument. That seems to still happen, but seems hardly worth the argument these days.

I won’t even attempt to touch on the fact that at least two of this year’s freshman proudly boasts they are not rappers. I ask “well, why are you here in this format?” On a hip hop magazine/site, on a hip-hop radio show, in a hip-hop space? If you’re a rockstar shouldn’t you be on the rock format? But that’s another question for another time.

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to looking back in 2020 and seeing who weathered the storm from this year’s class. And who will be the Donnis of 2016.