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Margin of Error

According to the news, and polls the GOP nominee is a contender for President of the United States. I on the other hand, disagree.

I know in theory it is possible for him to win. As in if everyone doesn’t vote, and not like how they didn’t vote for Kerry. I mean like if no one votes. Which i find highly unlikely. Yes, I thought this was a joke. Yes, I am surprised all his shenanigans haven’t been his undoing, but i don’t see him winning.

You think I’m naive. don’t you? I assure you I am not. I hear you I hear you. “Snuka he can win, don’t be foolish.” Hear me out.

I think, he doesn’t have the numbers. Yes, they have shown us his crowds and all the polls, but pull back a bit and consider this. Most people have never seen this deep a divide in any party. While other nominees have may have been less popular than others. Members of the GOP are declining to speak on his behalf. While they may begrudgingly end up on his train going to hell. At day two of the RNC convention, most of their usual suspects are missing in action. So tell me rationally, is it possible for a person to be the true disdain of a party represent that party and win without the leaders and the rank and file as his support system? I think not. In the end, they may vote for him, but when one of the Coke brothers mentions he may support the opposing team, even if that comment is in jest, its bad. Real bad Joe Jackson.

The media holds a good portion of this bag. They have given him the attention he wants like a child throwing a tantrum in public instead of ignoring him. And just as a child without boundaries he is doing what’s been proven to work. To get coverage. But to be the president? Nah.

Polls show our contestants are neck and neck, but who are they asking? I am a registered voter. I vote in every election, not just the presidential. I am on the books to be polled, and guess what? No one has asked me shit about nothing, and no one that i know has been asked. I suspect we aren’t alone in that. So out of the 57 people asked in any given poll. 40% of those people would vote for him. But 57 people representation does not make. So while he has brought out the racists, bigots, ignorant and friends. I think he’s maxed out. I think there are more people on the other side ,who haven’t been asked shit, like myself and everyone i know, who have every intention on voting and not casting that vote for him.

But the game is more interesting if it’s close. Gets more clicks. Drives traffic. Creates drama.

It will all come out in the wash come November, and I could be wrong, but i doubt it.