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Loud and Wrong

Below is what I penned prior to an epic, but not atypical, meltdown from our friend Ye. In good faith, I could not allow what transpired on Twitter to go unnoticed .

My mother would always tell me “Don’t be loud and wrong.” If you are loud make sure you are right and If you don’t know what you are talking about please shut the hell up. That can prove a real task to some. Some like our friend Kanye West. God bless him he is a textbook Gemini. Let’s just do a brief overview.

Kanye with his omniscient power saw the comments about his forthcoming album name change. He felt some kind of way about it. He took to Twitter because if anyone would criticize him it would surely not be his ex-girlfriend’s, Amber Rose, ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. Our always entertaining friend Kanye, pulled up his Twitter application and began to share, loudly, all the ways Wiz should watch himself, but being the consummate gentleman he is he did not have any problems passing out the compliments for Wiz’ cool pants while also mentioning that like Darth Vader he is basically the father of baby Bash. For kicks he threw in a few jabs about how Wiz got trapped by a stripper, how he is not fucking with him musically, and he should never mention his wife’s name again. Ahhhh, God bless our friend. God bless him. Here’s the thing. Wiz never mentioned Mrs. West; he was referring to his personal strain Khalifa Kush(KK). But when you think everything is about you, you think everything is about you. Just when Ye thought he dealt the fatal blow, Amber Rose, constant thorn in his side, let us all know what was really good.

But here’s the real gag, Kanye, once realizing his mistake deleted the tweets and said my bad. And you know what he is totally over it. Do you know why? Because he is a Gemini. Becoming completely unhinged and disrespectful in one breath, realizing it was totally uncalled for, apologizing and closing it like a book in another. It happened. It’s finished. And he is probably wondering why the hell we still mad.

Now please enjoy the below selection.

Over the course of the past week. Everyone’s first through possibly sixth favorite Gemini rapper took his forthcoming album Swish (now named Waves) from “the greatest album of all time” to “the greatest album of life” no pressure Ye. No pressure at all. Giving us his full court press via social media, we’ve seen the chicken scratch he calls handwriting with track listing, in studio pictures, declarations that Good Friday is back (he missed last Friday), and the opportunity for some to see him perform the album in its entirety at Madison Square Garden, which can be also viewed in select theaters.

God bless his Gemini spirit, clearly he’s not acquainted with the idea of under-promising and over-delivering. It’s fine. Everything will be fine. We are going to love this album. We will. We are going to hate this album. We will.

kendrickgeminiDo not get it twisted I am a 69-82% Kanye West apologist. He makes sense to me 69-82% of the time. That may mean I’m crazy, but it is more than likely because, full disclosure, I am a Gemini. Point being,I am a fan and I loved no more parties in LA ,mostly because of Kendrick ( also a Gemini), Real Friends was pretty good too, and let us all pretend we didn’t hear #facts. More importantly, Yeezy wants to be loved by us. He wants us to like him as much as he likes himself. He wants to make us happy. He knows we want soul beat Kanye, and he wants to give us what we want.

Ye saw the angst people had over Yeezus, and while he may enjoy seeing a love it or hate it reaction he wants us to love it. That’s why he makes music. So we can shower him with praise. That’s why artists create, they want you to love it. He wants us to listen to Waves, and use all the wave emojis. He loves the dust up of tweeting the album is now called Waves 16 days before the album drops. Dropping the album four days before the Grammys (where previously mentioned Kendrick Lamar is nominated for a historic 11 Grammys.) is calculated. Please go on and on everyone at how amazing Waves is on the red carpet. Ye is not the “they” Khalid speaks of who don’t want you to. Ye wants you to.

If Waves fails to make waves I think it will push Kanye into a 3 stacks (another Gemini) recluse state for awhile. Which may be good for him. Truthfully, I have a slight nervousness. Like I said, I’m a Kanye West apologist. I saw him open up for The Roots when he was green as hell way way back. I saw him open up for Usher and I saw how the crowd did not know what to make of him. But he was good. And he’s still good. I want to be made happy by Ye as much as he wants to make me happy.

Will he? We will see in 16 days.