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Line In The Sand

I didn’t want to spend this space this week talking about Kanye. I didn’t, I don’t, but here I am typing the word Kanye. I don’t know him. That’s where I am right now. Who? Never heard of him.

Do you know your limit? Your personal “point of no return” do you have one? It’s not a matter of being unforgiving, it’s more a case of a person can go too far. There are scenarios or rather character defining behavior where I fully expect the person who drew the line in the sand to stay over there and mind the line they drew. That’s how I feel about Mr. West. As previously discussed, I considered myself an apologist of Mr. West, I felt an alliance with him as we are both Geminis and I understood his ebb and flow of one day yes the next day no. However, in the past year or so, he has gone too far for me. I threw my hands up at him prior to this week’s shameful behavior, but this week was just too much. I haven’t worked through it all the way so all i have is too much even though he’s been too much for awhile.

The gravity of what is to befall us as a nation is unprecedented in this country’s history, but not unprecedented in history. We are in trouble. I cannot stress that enough. So engaging with that man is dangerous. For reference, his association with black people has been via media takeout, some football players and a rapper. That is who he had his team reach out to for discussion regarding the black community. It is completely possible he aimed higher and broader but was rebuffed, but its also possible that he is so dense this is the best he could come up with.

I’ve noticed we live in a time where virtually nothing is too far. There is no point of no return. There’s no ceiling on how what you can say or do without retribution. Now, I was raised where you CAN say whatever you want and you CAN do whatever you want but there are repercussions for your behavior. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, that’s physics. Everything is not in bounds. You can go too far.  A person will cross a line, then cry foul when the offended hold’s them to a standard.

It’s not just Ye it is a lot of folks.  As I stated last week, what people (particularly people with public platforms) have to realize now is, the stakes have been raised on accountability, behavior, and speech.

Many people have said ”Well, you’re still gonna listen to his music or buy his shoes…” I won’t lie, letting go of his music will be a difficult task for me, because he is talented. I also won’t lie and tell you when I randomly listened to “Chain Heavy” and he said “ Question: what color was the skin of the man who beared  the cross no matter how many lashes they couldn’t beat if off” it hurt me to hear it, and there are many many more lines that hurt because I love(d) Kanye, we all love(d) him. He let me down, and while in time I may learn to forgive, I will never forget.