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EMA 16 – Kendrick, Dame Dash and Rush Limbaugh vs Kanye


When we did the show this week, Kendrick hadn’t sneak dropped his album yet. So we talked about everything we’d heard so far. Next week we’ll talk about the actual album now that it’s out.

We talked about the crazy ass “interview” of Dame Dash on The Breakfast Club. He was out of control, but dropped some jewels though.

Our last major topic was about Rush Limbaugh’s comment about Kanye. He pretty much said if the words sung in the SAE video were lyrics from Ye song, it would be popular. This was a good ass topic and you might be surprised to hear what I (Big Therm) and J-Boss had to say about the whole thing.

Also, check it out. We dropped some bonus content this week. We put out a video on Monday on the home page of the site. It showed us in studio talking some ignorant shit (watch at your own risk). Would ya’ll like us to do this regularly? Let us know.

Aiight, enough babbling. Click play below and if you like it, tell your friends. And don’t be nervous to leave a comment either.


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  1. First,Let me start off by saying GREAT SHOW,luv the topics. Second, I somewhat agree with Therm & J boss on the SAE matter. Those students didn’t create the chants, all they did was what they were told. Am sure that was some disagreements during the learning process, but they don’t get to question their leaders in that matter. However, at that age, I feel like they should be making better decisions. At that point, those student should have decided on what they want to represent or stand for in life. They can’t say chants like that and expect it to be okay. They must have know that they would get a rise out of people. Thirdly, I am so tired of black Vs. White card being played all the time. Am black & not racist, just thought to put that in here. Dear black people, if you’re sick of the white people think always putting you down and thinking you don’t matter, get your lazy butt up & do something to change it. Do something productive, they only think or feel that way because it’s how you portrayed yourself to be seen. Prove them wrong, show them that you are better & let them eat their words. Stop playing the victim card. Rise above what they think you are.


    1. I swear, I DO NOT want to give these kids a pass, but at the same time I DONT fully trust the responsible decision making of most college aged kids. I feel like they are still in a zone where they get to be irresponsible and wild. Not knocking them, but I just believe that’s how it is.

      And to you’re point about getting off your ass, I completely agree. There’s no reason why we should run around blaming white people for our lack of progress. If you’re failing, you should start the correction with the man in the mirror. #noMikeJack

      Thanks for commenting, Bel!
      I’ll give you a shout on the next show.