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EMA 06 – Kanye, Dipset, Trinidad James and More


In this show, we set off 2015 by covering Yeezy’s new song about his daughter. We talk about Dipset’s new mixtape, the NWA movie, Trinidad James and more. Also, we find out Big Therm doesn’t know what sparkling cider is. Come chill with us by pressing play.

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Music News

Kanye’s dedication track to his daughter

Dipset tour and mixtape

Jimmy and Dame’s old beef

Upcoming NWA movie trailer

Cam’ron percentage

Aaliyah lifetime movie

Michael Blackson movie trailer for Kony Montana

Trinidad James new EP – The Wake Up



YG and Mustard end beef

Uncle Murda 2014 rap up

Skillz rap up

Kurupt has no beef with Donald Sterling

Nicki Minaj on Rolling Stone


Nicki’s old school video

LL Cool J G.O.A.T 2

Game’s anniversary concert

RIP Stuart Scott

Mike Jones’ new mixtape

French and Boosie acting in movies this year

Akon’s 5 disc album

Akon’s gas station