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Eman the Heartbreak and #TheFreeMusicMovement

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Yo, in our first installment in the EMA Interview series, I got the pleasure of sitting down with my dude, Eman the Heartbreak. He’s from Baltimore and has a unique sound. I’m not using “unique” as some throwaway jargon. I really mean it. His sound is different. That’s why the latest banger he featured on caught my ear (as well as the first joint I heard from him). Peep the interview to hear about Eman’s crew, Hear No Evil (aka HNE), why his music will ALWAYS be free (#TheFreeMusicMovement) and his three pronged approach to building a sustainable music career (or any business for that matter). Everything we talked about in the interview you can find below in the show notes.

If you’re a fan of Eman’s music, I think you’ll become a fan of Eman the person after listening. He even hung out with us for an episode of Excuse My Adlib. Click here to listen to that. I think you’ll enjoy that too because we had mad fun and there was mad jokes.

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For the record, I love doing interviews because I ask questions I actually have a genuine interest in, not just standard interview questions. I’m type upset I forgot to ask for a breakdown of the making of Wannabe because I fux with the song that much. Maybe next time.

So enough yappin’ from me.  Peep the interview here:


Show Notes

Eman on Twitter, IG



The song WannaBe (by Mike Bell), ft. Eman (this was played at the beginning of the interview)


Last Time

This is where I first discovered Eman (still can’t remember how though):


Eman’s Crew

@HNE (Hear No Evil Music)


Contact HNE






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