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EMA 38 – Fresh Prince Reboot, Straight Outta Compton Security and Cash Money Doesn’t Pay Bills



So this week we heard that Fresh Prince was bringin’ back Fresh Prince. This led J-Boss to ask, what’s really good with our current culture’s creativity. Also, did you hear about the extra police presence being beefed up around the release of Straight Outta Compton? Well councilman Dennis Zine felt the movie was release at a bad time and that it “adds fuel to the fire” of hating cops. We give our thoughts on this sitchamalation. Lastly, but not leastly, we talk about Cash Money yet again not paying their bills. We also got #gaf and #yotw of course. #pressPlayLikePuff



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Fresh Prince bringing back Fresh Prince

Dennis Zine vs Straight Outta Compton

Cash Money/Lil Wayne still not paying their bills

Marshawn Lynch Commercial Big Therm was talmbout



Soulja Boy says his Twitter was hacked

Dr. Dre cosign’s Pusha T

Ross can now leave the state of Georgia

Customs found 147lbs of cocaine at the Port of Baltimore

WQNC has flipped to an all Drake format

Jay Z never released a Pac diss song he recorded back in the days

Talib Kweli released an album on the low

Kanye West fans petitioned the Prez to force ‘Ye to put out Swish

Jordan has a 10 mil baseline for business deals

Alcoholic Architecture in the UK offers alcoholic inhalation




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