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French can’t rhyme, but so what


Dre and Snoop…

Drake and 40…

Ye and Jay (on blueprint)…

If you’re a hip hop head, you know what I’m gettin’ at here…

If you’re not a hip hop head, let me enlighten you real quick.

Have you ever experienced a relationship with someone where you feel like you and that other person are moving on the EXACT same wavelength. Each of you know what the other is thinking without making any sort of visible communication? I’m talking about Stockton and Malone, Belichick and Brady…shit, I’m talkin’ about you and your wing man. You smell what I’m steppin’ in?

These relationships are hard to find in music, but when discovered, should be used until the wheels fall off.

French Montana and Harry Fraud have this relationship that I’m talmbout. They knock it out of the park every time they rock together. Harry works his magic on the instruments and French handles the vocals.

Those that listen to French know that he’s not some lyrical mastermind that takes his time to craft intricate bars or some shit. What French DOES know how to do is make a song and a hook, sprinkled with some witty lines about gettin’ money and living the life. Put that together with Harry Fraud’s specialty and you have the latest from them… Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer.

This shit is hot.

If you’re not a French fan already, maybe you won’t get it, but whatever. Just give the shit a listen. There’s only 7 joints on here (yes…7).

With only 7 tracks, you’d think a song by song breakdown would be quick and easy, but the truth is there’s NO chance I’ll be able to. I just can’t. Simply because French aint talkin’ bout shit. It just sounds hot as fuck. Honestly.

Remember that line from Pop That, where he was like “Top off like Wallace“? I always thought that was about my lil dude from The Wire. Clearly I was wrong (or half wrong). Peep French explain what that line meant. Click here and scroll down to the “Top off like Wallace” Video…smh. French just be high.

Anyway, I really don’t know how else to tell you that this tape is hot. Go listen to it in the whip and turn that shit all the way up. You won’t regret it. Trust.

I give this tape 4.3 Max B chuckles outta 5.

Check it out:



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