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EMA 22 – Freddie Gray, More TIDAL news and Bruce Jenner


We made a game time decision this week to talk about Freddie Gray. How could we not? Everything you’ve been seeing on the news has been happening just minutes away from our studio. We asked ourselves were these riots justified. We’d like to know what you think as well so contact us (there’s too many ways to list) and let us know.

TIDAL still seems to be catching some flak from all angles. Jay z decided he was going to hop on twitter and put out some, what he calls, “#tidalfacts”. We tried to figure out if it was a necessary move or if he’s on the ropes and feeling the pressure.

Bruce Jenner just did an interview with Diane Sawyer. I’m sure you heard about it. We talked about the effect that it will have on his her Bruce’s legacy.

YOTW Controversy

Since recording the show, our #yotw candidate has fallen off the face of the planet. We’re not sure what happened to her. Her disappearance has us all concerned. Search crews have been dispatched.

So YOTW this week will come from a friend of the show (@mr_no_pictures). See below.


Social Media Shoutouts


Savage Blaze


Sergio A Rodriguez (here’s the Kanye pic he did)


Here’s Eman’s song, WannaBe:






All things Freddie Gray

Jay defends Tidal

Bruce Jenner interview


Weezy’s tour bus shot up

Drake is  warned not to shake Paul Pierce’s hand again

Young thug booed at LA show, crowd chants Wayne

Avengers comes out on May 1st

Lil Kim tells Taraji she wants to be on Empire

Waka Flocka says Gucci beef is dead

Blacc Chyna posting Tyga’s texts (since then, Kylie deaded Tyga)

De La Soul’s kickstarter campaign does very well

50 Cent is fuckin’ with Floyd again

Bill Bellicheck caught checking Chrissy Teigen out:




#YOTW (Yams of the Week)


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