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EMA 51 – Fab Dodges the Album, Young Thug Doesn’t Respect His Elders and Irv Gotti Claims Responsibility for Jay-Z’s Success

Yo, so we made a minor mistake this episode (which I address before the show starts). No big deal. We just happen to refer to Fab’s Young OG Project as a mixtape instead of an album. However, the question still remains, why won’t he just drop the real album?

Young Thug seems to have beefed with everyone under the sun. J-Boss asked us, should Thug be more respectful of his elders.

And finally, in an interview with Complex, Irv Gotti was making all types of claims where he credits himself for JayZ’s Vol II success. You should check the videos out. We tried to figure out if there was any validity to what he was saying.

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