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EMA 29 – Erica Campbell, Rachel Dolezal and Troy Ave



Peep…there are times when I’m editing the show where I find myself cracking up while listening. This is one of those times. Mad jokes/foolishness during this show. We spoke about the song “I Luh God” and asked should there be a clear divide between church and trap music.

Everyone on the planet has heard of Rachel Dolezal at this point. We had no choice but to speak about her. We try to figure out why she is catching so much hate. And we also found out that Rose doesn’t know what the NAACP is.

It’s a new day and age in the world of album sales. Troy Ave, who just dropped, has been getting shamed for going wood. pause. J-Boss asked us what effect does the lack of emphasis on album sales have on hip hop? Tune in to hear our thoughts (it gets a bit heated at the end).

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Rose thinks Rae Sremmurd should’ve been on the XXL cover

I, Big Therm, thought Bobby Shmurda should’ve been on the XXL cover

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Erica Campbell’s I Luh God

Rachel Dolezal Wants to be Black (she has since resigned)

Troy Ave’s terrible record sales (Billboard explains)


#GAF (Give a F%#k)

YG shot in LA

Master P has a new reality show dropping (he says it’s better than the Kardashians)

Ross arrested and bailed out cell mates

Safaree drops song about Nicki

Kanye and Tyga working on Kylie Jenner’s album

Ice T’s grandson accused of killing his roommate

Weezy has singed to Roc Nation? (MTV says no)

Lebron’s barber clears the air

Jae Millz going back to battle rapping

Biggie recorded a Raekwon diss    


Bonus Content

Our first reaction to Safaree’s song about Nicki Minaj



#YOTW (Yams of the Week)



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