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Enough is Enough

I will be brief. Please Vote in this presidential election. If you do anything with your life in 2016, at least vote. Voice your opinion. Act. Do some research. Watch the news. READ. SOMETHING. Don’t sit around the dinner table on Sundays and pout about you are going to miss the Obamas sooooooooooooo much. They’re gone, boo, and there isn’t anything you can do to extend their term. It’s OVER. (In my HOV voice) “My president is black…”, but not for long. Damn I’m going to miss singing that joint. Anyway, it’s time to wake up and understand what is happening here. This is no longer funny. SNL keeps us laughing but this stuff is serious. As proven by recent primarily elections, a lot of people are actually (strongly) considering  voting Donald Trump into office. Donald Trump. The leader of the free world. DONALD TRUMP?? DONALD MUTHAPLUCKING TRUMP. The Radical. The Racist. Keep pouting and being sedentary. You’ll be on a boat back to the Motherland by 2019. You think I’m joking?

About this time last year, before Trump formally announced his intention to run for President of the United States of America, I was all the way #TeamHilary. That’s who I was voting for when the time came. That’s who I’m still going to vote for. Bernie is cool, but I just can’t visualize him as a powerful president to represent ME:  A progressive, emerging-affluent millennial. We’ve already had 40+ white dudes with white hair in the White House. I’m good. I figured I was the majority because I couldn’t think of a single Republican candidate that could give Hilary a run for her money. I still can’t. But along comes this spider. It is no longer funny, folks. This fool could be our president come November.

Are Republicans so desperate to undo Obama’s 8 years of progress that they would put this clown in office? Yes, he would be a puppet. As strong-willing and decisive as he seems to be (Mr. Businessman), a President is not in control. He IS controlled (No, I did not learn that from ‘Scandal’). He’s going to reverse so much progress that has been made in this country. The Affordable Care Act: gone. Unemployment rates at record lows: gone. Gas prices and loan rates: hella high. I can just see everything falling to pieces. Not to mention his strippa hoe wife as our First Lady. I. Cannot.

I can’t give you any advice on what to do to prevent this from happening. All I can say is Enough is Enough. No more complaining. The same voters who elected Barack Obama into office are the same voters that can keep Trump out of office. Stand in line to vote like you stand in line for those J’s or at the braiding salon on Saturday mornings. That’s all it takes. You have to care. Otherwise, pack yo sh*t and update your passport.