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EMA 07 – Empire, Common, 50 Cent and more


We had a lot of fun this show. We called up Jay (you hear her voice at the beginning of every show) to help us talk about the new show on Fox, Empire. We talk about Common’s speech at the Golden Globes and 50’s comments about the future of the independent artist. We also debuted a new segment called Yams of the Week. Press Play to hear it all!

Shout Outs



Nicky C and the RSB








Music News

Jay and Rozay try to convice JBoss and Big Therm to watch Empire on Fox

Common’s acceptance speech

50 Cent’s prediction

Charles Hamilton gets styled on



Malia Obama rockin a Pro Era tshirt on Joey Badass’ instagram

Kendrick’s billboard article

Nas performs at Slick Rick’s bday party

Ray J makes offer on mansion near Kim

George Zimmerman arrested again

DMX is actually NOT dropping this album:

DMX albumcover

Therm misses an “E” in the show notes from show 3

Kevin Gates is bangin his cousin



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  1. Yo!!! Thanks for the shot out family!! Much love and respect!! More Music on the way mixtape T.R.A.P.(Talented Rapper Artist and Pioneer) dropping this year!! Don’t forget to visit the wedsite http://www.vocalismic.com would love for y’all to be apart of our panel for the upcoming 2015 Vocalis Music Conference!! As always dope show!! Yall got my support!!! EMA RADIO It’s grindtime!!!

    Carolina Ace

  2. I like it, it has jus started I think we should give it time it’s no fun to have something start at the most exciting point and u can’t keep up with the energy I think they are jus billing the energy level it jus gonna go up every week I hope but I liked the first two episodes I can’t wait for the next one

    1. Hey Shan, thanks for leaving a comment.

      As far as the show, like I said, I respect it. I actually wish that it ends up being successful. I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea.
      BTW, I’m bullshittin’ on watching that first episode like I promised.

  3. so empire is kool. Def not a show for me . I understand we should support out black actors and actresses but empire doesn’t excite me like scandal does or other tv shows to watch. Now I think it’s cool but it’s not something I can see my self being pressed to catch every night .

    1. That shit look so corny my g. But I’m gonna watch at least the first episode, like I said I would.