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EMA 96 – Rick Ross Is Naming Names, Nas Says Hip Hop Is Alive and Young M.A. Feels The Love

Yo what up, it’s Big Therm.

I’m stupid excited to hit ya’ll with this episode. It’s been a while since we had guests in studio. We welcomed Syer (the Washed God) and Jayomega (the Washed Ambassador) to the show and it was mad fun. You can peep them (@syerso & @jayomegaso) on their show: The Officially Street Podcast. ¬†They helped us break down the topics this week.

We talked about Rick Ross’ song “Same Hoes”. In it, he listed a bunch of dudes that he claims bangs the same women as him. Justin Bieber, Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart…to name a few.

Afterward, we talked about hip hop in its current state, compared to hip hop when Nas said it was dead.

And finally, we tried to figure out how come Young M.A. is an openly gay rapper, but is widely accepted in a genre that is traditionally homophobic.

#GAF (Give a Fuck) and #YOTW (Yams of the Week) are back, per usual.

Thanks for listening!