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EMA 94 – Tyga Signs to G.O.O.D Mursic, Fab Upset With The Sneaker Game, Pete Rock Hates Mumble Rap

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Yo I can’t believe we’re only 6 shows away from 100. I’m excited.

Peep, on this week’s show, we talk about the new signees to G.O.O.D Mursic…Tyga and Migos. We discussed if there can be an issue with signing too many artists to a label.

After that, we talked about Fabolous’ gripe with the sneaker game. He’s a sneaker head, but doesn’t like the prices being set on certain kicks.

The last topic we covered was about Pete Rock’s boycott of mumble rap. What is mumble rap you say? Tune in to find out (even though I think you pretty much knows what it means).

We also followed it up with #GAF and #YOTW (J-Boss has taken over for this yam season and he set it off with a bang).

Tune in for all the Shenanigans.

This is Big Therm signing off…stay classy mexico.