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EMA 87 – Kim Calls Out Taylor Swift, ASAP Rocky Can’t Say Trill, Waka Takes Subliminal Shots at The Game

This week we talked about the Snap seen ’round the world. Kim Kardashian played a video of Kanye West and Taylor Swift having a chat via speakerphone. Kim was presenting the video as evidence to prove that Taylor was lying about the consent she gave Kanye to use her name in a derogatory way in his song “Famous”. So J-Boss asked us when is it time to ‘fess up to a lie as opposed to carrying it on.

Ex-NBA player Stephen Jackson has issued a revocation of ASAP Rocky’s Houston card. This card will take away ASAP’s ability to continue to use the word trill. He said he’s doing it because of ASAP’s response to everything that’s been going on with us blacks and the cops lately. Is Stephen Jackson the right person to do this? and what about the comments ASAP made which prompted Jackson to speak up.

Waka and The Game were thrown into a very mild beef situation on Twitter. Waka accused rappers of flip flopping and being confused about who they are and portray. Game took offense to this and “fired back” in video. The question is, is Waka right? Are rappers confused for the reason he states they are?

Tune in to hear all the shenanigans.