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EMA 81 – Rae Sremmurd Is Upset With Ebro

In this episode, which we recorded on my birthday, we talk about Rae Sremmurd and their distaste for Ebro accusing them of not writing their own rhymes. Is he just an old hater? Rocko, who at one point managed Future, says he’s owed 10 million. He uses the legal system, as opposed to going the street route. Is it right for him to call on the law to get his money back? Finally, our last news topic is about Drake’s 4pm in Calabasas. The track contains tons of shots at Puff. Joe Budden says Puff should fire back, but what exactly does that shot look like? What exactly should Puff do? Tune in to find out.

#GAF and #YOTW are back, of course. However, I might have gotten the rug pulled out from under me. Since picking the yams, the account has gone private. Apologies for the inconvenience.

-Big Therm