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EMA 76 ­ Joe Budden Critiques Views, Christina Milian Would Sex her Ex, Chris Gotti Says Meek Needs a Hit

So Joe Budden was on his podcast talkin shiz about Drake. He was actually very passionate about his “views”. So J­Boss asked us if Joe Budden, at this level in his career, has the right critique Drake in the way he did.

After that, we talked about Christina Milian’s comments to Ebro on Hot97. She is Lil Wayne’s ex. Ebro asked her if she would consider a quickie with him. So J­Boss asked us the same thing. I’d like to pernt out that I’m in a committed relationship. #iLoveMyWife

Chris Gotti, Irv Gotti’s brother gave his advice on what Meek Mill should do right now. He said he just needs to make a hit record. He needs to get a bunch of people singing a song of his…right now. So we wondered, is that true? Is that all an artist needs to repair their career?

After that, of course we brought #gaf and #yotw (including a thirst comment). Tune in for the tomfoolery.